Words containing fee

3 letter words containing fee

  • fee — a charge or payment for professional services: a doctor's fee.

4 letter words containing fee

  • dfee — Department for Education and Employment
  • feeb — a feeble-minded person.
  • feed — to give a fee to.
  • feel — to perceive or examine by touch.
  • feen — Satan; the devil.

5 letter words containing fee

  • fee's — a charge or payment for professional services: a doctor's fee.
  • feeds — Plural form of feed.
  • feels — Plural form of feel.
  • feely — Tending to feel things by physically touching them.
  • feens — Satan; the devil.

6 letter words containing fee

  • affeer — to assess, to decide upon an amount
  • coffee — Coffee is a hot drink made with water and ground or powdered coffee beans.
  • cuffee — (formerly, especially in creole-speaking cultures) a name given at birth to a black child, in accordance with African customs, indicating the child's sex and the day of the week on which he or she was born, as the male and female names for Sunday (Quashee and Quasheba) Monday (Cudjo or Cudjoe and Juba) Tuesday (Cubbena and Beneba) Wednesday (Quaco and Cuba or Cubba) Thursday (Quao and Abba) Friday (Cuffee or Cuffy and Pheba or Phibbi) and Saturday (Quamin or Quame and Mimba)
  • feeble — physically weak, as from age or sickness; frail.
  • feebly — physically weak, as from age or sickness; frail.

7 letter words containing fee

  • coffees — Plural form of coffee.
  • feebate — A system of charges and rebates whereby energy-efficient or environmentally friendly practices are rewarded while failure to adhere to such practices is penalized.
  • feebler — Comparative form of feeble.
  • feechur — (computing, slang, derogatory) An undesirable or misimplemented feature (software capability).
  • feedbag — Also called nose bag. a bag for feeding horses, placed before the mouth and fastened around the head with straps.

8 letter words containing fee

  • banoffee — a filling for a pie, consisting of toffee and banana
  • birdfeed — food for birds
  • clubfeet — Plural form of clubfoot.
  • enfeeble — Make weak or feeble.
  • etouffee — Alternative spelling of étouffée.

9 letter words containing fee

  • coffeepot — A coffeepot is a tall, narrow pot with a spout and a lid, in which coffee is made or served.
  • cowfeeder — a tenant of a small dairy farm
  • drip-feed — intravenous feeding.
  • enfeebled — Make weak or feeble.
  • enfeebles — Third-person singular simple present indicative form of enfeeble.

10 letter words containing fee

  • affeerment — the act of deciding upon or settling penalties or fines
  • coffee-and — coffee and a snack.
  • coffeecake — a kind of cake or roll, often containing nuts, raisins, etc. or coated with sugar or icing, to be eaten with coffee or the like
  • coffeepots — Plural form of coffeepot.
  • coffeeroom — A public room where coffee and other refreshments may be obtained.

11 letter words containing fee

  • advance-fee — money paid in advance, as for goods or services, to a commission agent or the like.
  • antifeedant — a chemical agent that causes a pest, as an insect, to stop eating.
  • biofeedback — a technique for teaching the control of autonomic functions, such as the rate of heartbeat or breathing, by recording the activity and presenting it (usually visually) so that the person can know the state of the autonomic function he or she is learning to control
  • bottle-feed — If you bottle-feed a baby, you give it milk or a liquid like milk in a bottle rather than the baby sucking milk from its mother's breasts.
  • breast-feed — When a woman breast-feeds her baby, she feeds it with milk from her breasts, rather than from a bottle.

12 letter words containing fee

13 letter words containing fee

  • creep-feeding — the practice of feeding young farm animals (esp piglets, calves, and lambs) in a sectioned-off part of their indoor environment, in order to prevent the mother from gaining access to the food
  • fee-splitting — the practice of dividing a fee for professional services between two professional persons, as between a referring doctor and a specialist, without the knowledge of the client.
  • feeble-minded — lacking the normal mental powers.
  • forefeelingly — by way of forefeeling
  • kaffeeklatsch — coffee klatsch.

14 letter words containing fee

15 letter words containing fee

  • coffee-coloured — having the colour of coffee; dark brown; light brown
  • fee-for-service — pertaining to the charging of fees for specific services rendered in health care, as distinguished from participating in a prepaid medical practice: fee-for-service medicine.
  • feelinglessness — Lack of feeling or emotion.
  • kaffeeklatscher — a person who participates, especially regularly, in a kaffee klatsch.
  • kaffeeklatsches — Plural form of kaffeeklatsch.

16 letter words containing fee

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