Words containing face

4 letter words containing face

  • face — the front part of the head, from the forehead to the chin.

5 letter words containing face

  • faced — having a specified kind of face or number of faces (usually used in combination): a sweet-faced child; the two-faced god.
  • facer — a person or thing that faces.
  • faces — Plural form of face.
  • facet — one of the small, polished plane surfaces of a cut gem.
  • facey — Cheeky; impudent.

6 letter words containing face

  • -faced — -faced combines with adjectives to form other adjectives that describe someone's face or expression.
  • biface — a prehistoric stone tool with two faces
  • deface — If someone defaces something such as a wall or a notice, they spoil it by writing or drawing things on it.
  • efface — to wipe out; do away with; expunge: to efface one's unhappy memories.
  • enface — to write, print, or stamp (something) on the face of (a document)

7 letter words containing face

  • catface — the deformity of the surface of a tree trunk which has been caused by fire or disease
  • defaced — having had the surface, legibility, or appearance spoiled or marred
  • defacer — One who defaces; a vandal.
  • defaces — Third-person singular simple present indicative form of deface.
  • dogface — an enlisted man in the U.S. Army, especially an infantryman in World War II.

8 letter words containing face

  • boldface — (of type) having this weight
  • boniface — Saint, original name Wynfrith. ?680–?755 ad, Anglo-Saxon missionary: archbishop of Mainz (746–755). Feast day: June 5
  • clubface — the face of a golf club
  • coalface — In a coal mine, the coalface is the part where the coal is being cut out of the rock.
  • dogfaces — Plural form of dogface.

9 letter words containing face

  • baby-face — a smooth round face like a baby's
  • babyfaced — Alternative spelling of baby-faced.
  • baldfaced — blatant or undisguised
  • barefaced — You use barefaced to describe someone's behavior when you want to emphasize that they do not care that they are behaving wrongly.
  • bitchface — Also called resting bitchface, bitchy resting face, chronic bitchface. (especially of a woman) a facial expression that does not consciously express a particular emotion but that others perceive as scowling, threatening, etc.: I can’t help that I have resting bitchface. Her face naturally goes into a bitchface, but I promise she’s super friendly. I’m not angry, I just have chronic bitch face. Abbreviation: RBF. (especially of a woman) a deliberate facial expression of anger or disgust, often employed to appear unapproachable: I put on my bitchface when I ride the train so creepy guys don’t talk to me. It’s important to perfect your bitchface.

10 letter words containing face

  • about-face — An about-face is a complete change of attitude or opinion.
  • baby-faced — having a smooth round face like a baby's
  • bald-faced — barefaced (def 2).
  • bare-faced — You use bare-faced to describe someone's behaviour when you want to emphasize that they do not care that they are behaving wrongly.
  • bold-faced — confident or impudent

11 letter words containing face

  • ashen-faced — Someone who is ashen-faced looks very pale, especially because they are ill, shocked, or frightened.
  • barefacedly — In a barefaced manner.
  • brazenfaced — having, or uttered with, a brazen expression; impudent; shameless
  • broad-faced — having a broad, wide face.
  • face-harden — to harden the surface of (metal), as by chilling or casehardening.

12 letter words containing face

  • brazen-faced — shameless or impudent
  • double-faced — practicing duplicity; hypocritical.
  • face-centred — (of a crystal) having a lattice point at the centre of each face of each unit cell as well as at the corners
  • face-to-face — with the fronts or faces toward each other, especially when close together.
  • facebook.com — (web)   One of the most popular social networking websites.

13 letter words containing face

  • barefacedness — The state or quality of being barefaced.
  • face-centered — (of a crystal structure) having lattice points on the faces of the unit cells.
  • facetiousness — (uncountable) The state of being facetious.
  • freckle-faced — having a face conspicuously covered with freckles.
  • hatchet-faced — having a face with narrow dimensions and sharp features

14 letter words containing face

  • air-to-surface — launched from an aircraft and directed at a land target
  • melamine-faced — having a thin melamine layer on one or more faces
  • shamefacedness — modest or bashful.
  • straight-faced — a serious or impassive facial expression that conceals one's true feelings about something, especially a desire to laugh.
  • surface-active — (of a substance, esp a detergent) capable of lowering the surface tension of a liquid, usually water

15 letter words containing face

  • ineffaceability — Quality of being ineffaceable.
  • rightabout-face — a turning directly about so as to face in the opposite direction
  • self-effacement — the act or fact of keeping oneself in the background, as in humility.
  • surface-ripened — (of cheese) ripened on the surface by molds or other microorganisms.

16 letter words containing face

18 letter words containing face

  • surface-to-surface — (of a missile, message, etc.) capable of traveling from a base on the surface of the earth to a target also on the surface.

21 letter words containing face

  • surface-to-underwater — (of a missile, message, etc.) traveling from the surface of the earth to a target underwater.

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