Words containing ese

3 letter words containing ese

  • ese — (obsolete) ease; pleasure.

4 letter words containing ese

  • -ese — indicating place of origin, language, or style
  • dese — (slang) these.
  • lese — (obsolete) To lose.
  • mese — (obsolete) A dinner; meal.

5 letter words containing ese

  • besee — to see
  • beset — If someone or something is beset by problems or fears, they have many problems or fears which affect them severely.
  • caese — a Shakespearean interjection of uncertain meaning
  • desex — to remove the sex organs of
  • feese — (obsolete) The short run before a leap; a run-up.

6 letter words containing ese

  • beseem — to be suitable for; befit
  • cesena — a city in N Italy, in Emilia-Romagna. Pop: 90 948 (2001)
  • cheese — Cheese is a solid food made from milk. It is usually white or yellow.
  • chesed — The Jewish attribute of grace, kindness or love; one of the sephiroth.
  • cleese — John (Marwood). born 1939, British comedy writer and actor, noted for the TV series Monty Python's Flying Circus (1969–74) and Fawlty Towers (1975, 1978). His films include A Fish Called Wanda (1988) and Fierce Creatures (1997)

7 letter words containing ese

  • adenese — Adeni.
  • auslese — a white wine, usually sweet, produced in Germany from individually selected bunches of very ripe grapes
  • bernese — of or relating to Bern
  • beseech — If you beseech someone to do something, you ask them very eagerly and anxiously.
  • boneset — any of various North American plants of the genus Eupatorium, esp E. perfoliatum, which has flat clusters of small white flowers: family Asteraceae (composites)

8 letter words containing ese

  • achenese — Atjehnese.
  • achinese — Atjehnese.
  • albanese — Licia [lee-chee-uh;; Italian lee-chah] /ˈli tʃi ə;; Italian ˈli tʃɑ/ (Show IPA), 1913–2014, Italian operatic soprano.
  • ambonese — a native or inhabitant of Ambon.
  • anglesey — an island and county of N Wales, formerly part of Gwynedd (1974–96), separated from the mainland by the Menai Strait. Administrative centre: Llangefni. Pop: 59 500 (2003 est). Area: 720 sq km (278 sq miles)

9 letter words containing ese

  • academese — pedantic, pretentious, and often confusing academic jargon: a presumably scholarly article written in incomprehensible academese.
  • anamneses — the recollection or remembrance of the past; reminiscence.
  • appleseed — Johnny(name for John Chapman) 1774-1845; U.S. frontiersman who planted apple trees throughout the Midwest
  • aragonese — a native or inhabitant of Aragon
  • atjehnese — a member of an indigenous Muslim people of northernmost Sumatra.

10 letter words containing ese

  • andamanese — Also, Andaman. Also called Andaman Islander. a member of a physically distinctive people that comprise the indigenous population of the Andaman Islands.
  • antitheses — opposition; contrast: the antithesis of right and wrong.
  • beseeching — A beseeching expression, gesture, or tone of voice suggests that the person who has or makes it very much wants someone to do something.
  • bio-diesel — Bio-diesel is diesel fuel made from biological or natural sources.
  • bioreserve — an area preserving wildlife, landforms, and waterways while providing appropriate public use and enjoyment of a natural environment.

11 letter words containing ese

  • acquiesence — A state or instance of acquiescing or passively accepting something, without necessarily consenting to it.
  • aposiopeses — Plural form of aposiopesis.
  • archdiocese — An archdiocese is the area over which an archbishop has control.
  • beseemingly — in a manner that is beseeming
  • bioresearch — the investigation of the nature of living organisms; biological research.

12 letter words containing ese

13 letter words containing ese

14 letter words containing ese

15 letter words containing ese

  • desensitisation — The act or process of desensitising, of dulling or reducing sensation.
  • desensitization — the act or process of desensitizing.
  • deserialization — The act or process of deserializing.
  • desertification — Desertification is the process by which a piece of land becomes dry, empty, and unsuitable for growing trees or crops on.
  • desexualization — The act or process of desexualizing.

16 letter words containing ese

  • chinese-hibiscus — Also called Bengal rose. a rose, Rosa chinensis, of China, having slightly fragrant crimson, pink, or white flowers.
  • chinese-pavilion — a shape resembling a segment of a ring tapering to points at the ends.
  • cryopreservation — the storage of blood or living tissues at extremely cold temperatures, often -196 degrees Celsius.
  • diesel-hydraulic — a locomotive driven by a diesel engine through hydraulic transmission and torque converters
  • mesembryanthemum — any of various chiefly Old World plants of the genus Mesembryanthemum, having thick, fleshy leaves and often showy flowers.

17 letter words containing ese

18 letter words containing ese

  • misrepresentations — Plural form of misrepresentation.
  • non-representation — the act of representing.
  • overrepresentation — to give too much representation to; represent in numbers that are disproportionately high.
  • representativeness — a person or thing that represents another or others.
  • research-intensive — focusing financial and other resources on research and development as opposed to capital and labor; noting or pertaining to a high ratio of expenditure on research in relation to the value of net output.

19 letter words containing ese

  • nonrepresentational — not resembling or portraying any object in physical nature: a nonrepresentational painting.
  • portuguese-speaking — being a speaker of Portuguese; having Portuguese as the national language
  • representationalism — Also called representative realism. Epistemology. the view that the objects of perception are ideas or sense data that represent external objects, especially the Lockean doctrine that the perceived idea represents exactly the primary qualities of the external object.
  • self-representation — the act of representing.
  • underrepresentation — the act of representing.

20 letter words containing ese

  • model-view-presenter — (programming)   (MVP) A user interface architectural pattern where functions are separated between the model, view and presenter. The model defines the data to be displayed or otherwise acted upon in the user interface. The view displays data from the model and routes user commands (events) to the presenter to act upon that data. The presenter retrieves data from the model and displays it in the view. The implementation of MVP can vary as to how much presentation logic is handled by the presenter and the view. In a web application most presentation logic is usually in the view which runs in the web browser. MVP is one of the MV* variations of the MVC pattern.

22 letter words containing ese

  • nonrepresentationalism — not resembling or portraying any object in physical nature: a nonrepresentational painting.

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