Words containing ente

5 letter words containing ente

  • enter — Come or go into (a place).
  • kente — a colorful fabric of Ghanaian origin: often worn as a symbol of African-American pride.
  • rente — revenue or income, or the instrument evidencing a right to such periodic receipts.
  • sente — a nickel-brass coin and monetary unit of Lesotho, the 100th part of a loti.
  • wente — Archaic spelling of went, Past participle of go.

6 letter words containing ente

  • center — a point equally distant from all points on the circumference of a circle or surface of a sphere
  • dented — having a surface containing a hollow or dip
  • dentel — Alternative form of dentil.
  • dentes — plural of dens.
  • dentex — a large active predatory sparid fish, Dentex dentex, of Mediterranean and E Atlantic waters, having long sharp teeth and powerful jaws

7 letter words containing ente

  • centers — Plural form of center.
  • detente — Detente is a state of friendly relations between two countries when previously there had been problems between them.
  • dolente — (to be performed) in a sorrowful manner
  • entebbe — a town in S Uganda, on Lake Victoria: British administrative centre of Uganda (1893–1958); international airport. Pop: 57 518 (2002 est)
  • entente — A friendly understanding or informal alliance between states or factions.

8 letter words containing ente

  • absented — not in a certain place at a given time; away, missing (opposed to present): absent from class.
  • absentee — An absentee is a person who is expected to be in a particular place but who is not there.
  • accented — Language or speech that is accented is spoken with a particular accent.
  • ambiente — atmosphere; ambiance.
  • assented — to agree or concur; subscribe to (often followed by to): to assent to a statement.

9 letter words containing ente

  • -centered — -centered can be added to adjectives and nouns to indicate what kind of a center something has.
  • -oriented — -oriented is added to nouns and adverbs to form adjectives which describe what someone or something is mainly interested in or concerned with.
  • absentees — a person who is absent, especially from work or school.
  • apocenter — the point in the orbit of a heavenly body farthest from a primary other than the earth or the sun.
  • augmented — (of an interval) increased or expanded from the state of being perfect or major by the raising of the higher note or the dropping of the lower note by one semitone

10 letter words containing ente

  • accidented — having been subjected to an accident
  • anticenter — Geology. the point on the surface of the earth diametrically opposite the epicenter of an earthquake.
  • argenteous — silvery.
  • argenteuil — a suburb of Paris, France, with a convent (656) that became famous when Héloïse was abbess (12th century). Pop: 103 250 (2008)
  • barycenter — (physics) The center of a mass; often specifically, the point at which the gravitational forces exerted by two objects are equal.

11 letter words containing ente

  • absenteeism — Absenteeism is the fact or habit of frequently being away from work or school, usually without a good reason.
  • aguardiente — any inferior brandy or similar spirit, esp from Spain, Portugal, or South America
  • archenteric — Of or pertaining to an archenteron.
  • archenteron — the cavity within an embryo at the gastrula stage of development that eventually becomes the digestive cavity
  • bicentenary — A bicentenary is a year in which you celebrate something important that happened exactly two hundred years earlier.

12 letter words containing ente

  • archenterons — Plural form of archenteron.
  • battlemented — Furnished with battlements, as the ramparts of a city or castle.
  • bicentennial — A bicentennial is the same as a bicentenary.
  • carpentering — a person who builds or repairs wooden structures, as houses, scaffolds, or shelving.
  • centenarians — Plural form of centenarian.

13 letter words containing ente

  • amniocenteses — Plural form of amniocentesis.
  • amniocentesis — If a pregnant woman has an amniocentesis, fluid is removed from her womb in order to check that her unborn baby is not affected by certain genetic disorders.
  • apparentement — a coalition formed between political parties during an election.
  • bicentennials — pertaining to or in honor of a 200th anniversary: bicentennial celebration; a bicentennial exposition.
  • body-centered — (of a crystal structure) having lattice points at the centers of the unit cells.

14 letter words containing ente

  • aguascalientes — a state in central Mexico. Pop: 943 506 (2000). Area: 5471 sq km (2112 sq miles)
  • album-oriented — of or designating a format featuring rock songs from LPs and CDs rather than singles, especially mainstream rock music.
  • arthrocentesis — The clinical procedure of using a syringe to collect synovial fluid from a joint capsule, used in the diagnosis of gout, arthritis, and synovial infections.
  • cardiocentesis — surgical puncture of the heart
  • centenarianism — the situation or condition of being a centenarian

15 letter words containing ente

16 letter words containing ente

  • abdominocentesis — (surgery) Extraction of peritoneal fluid from the abdomen for evaluation, using a trocar.
  • discontentedness — The state or quality of being discontented.
  • gastroenterology — the study of the structure, functions, and diseases of digestive organs.
  • malcontentedness — not satisfied or content with currently prevailing conditions or circumstances.
  • microenterprises — Plural form of microenterprise.

17 letter words containing ente

  • charente-maritime — a department of W France, in Poitou-Charentes region. Capital: La Rochelle. Pop: 576 855 (2003 est). Area: 7232 sq km (2820 sq miles)
  • gastroenterostomy — the making of a new passage between the stomach and the duodenum (gastroduodenostomy) or, especially, the jejunum (gastrojejunostomy)
  • hundred-percenter — a completely patriotic, sometimes jingoistic person.
  • omphalomesenteric — (anatomy) Of or pertaining to the umbilicus and mesentery.
  • quasquicentennial — pertaining to or marking a period of 125 years.

18 letter words containing ente

  • gastroenterologist — the study of the structure, functions, and diseases of digestive organs.
  • self-entertainment — the act of entertaining; agreeable occupation for the mind; diversion; amusement: Solving the daily crossword puzzle is an entertainment for many.

19 letter words containing ente

  • complement-sentence — a subordinate clause that functions as the subject, direct object, or prepositional object of a verb, as that you like it in I'm surprised that you like it.
  • connection-oriented — (networking)   (Or connection-based, stream-oriented). A type of transport layer data communication service that allows a host to send data in a continuous stream to another host. The transport service will guarantee that all data will be delivered to the other end in the same order as sent and without duplication. Communication proceeds through three well-defined phases: connection establishment, data transfer, connection release. The most common example is Transmission Control Protocol (TCP), another is ATM. The network nodes at either end needs to inform all intermediate nodes about their service requirements and traffic parameters in order to establish communication. Opposite of connectionless, datagram. See also circuit switching, packet switching, virtual circuit.
  • gastroenterocolitis — (medicine) inflammation of the stomach, small intestines, and colon.
  • gastroenterological — Of or pertaining to gastroenterology.

20 letter words containing ente

  • model-view-presenter — (programming)   (MVP) A user interface architectural pattern where functions are separated between the model, view and presenter. The model defines the data to be displayed or otherwise acted upon in the user interface. The view displays data from the model and routes user commands (events) to the presenter to act upon that data. The presenter retrieves data from the model and displays it in the view. The implementation of MVP can vary as to how much presentation logic is handled by the presenter and the view. In a web application most presentation logic is usually in the view which runs in the web browser. MVP is one of the MV* variations of the MVC pattern.

29 letter words containing ente

  • arabian-nights-entertainments — a collection of Eastern folk tales derived in part from Indian and Persian sources and dating from the 10th century a.d.

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