Words containing ene

4 letter words containing ene

  • bene — a blessing or prayer
  • dene — a valley, esp one that is narrow and wooded
  • geneJames Joseph ("Gene") 1898–1978, U.S. boxer: world heavyweight champion 1926–28.
  • nene — a barred, gray-brown wild goose, Nesochen sandvicensis, native to Hawaii, where it is the state bird.

5 letter words containing ene

  • akene — any small, dry, hard, one-seeded, indehiscent fruit.
  • alene — a female given name, form of Helen.
  • arene — an aromatic hydrocarbon
  • benes — Eduard (ˈeːduart). 1884–1948, Czech statesman; president of Czechoslovakia (1935–38; 1946–48) and of its government in exile (1939–45)
  • benet — to trap (something) in a net

6 letter words containing ene

  • achene — a dry one-seeded indehiscent fruit with the seed distinct from the fruit wall. It may be smooth, as in the buttercup, or feathery, as in clematis
  • aeneas — a Trojan prince, the son of Anchises and Aphrodite, who escaped the sack of Troy and sailed to Italy via Carthage and Sicily. After seven years, he and his followers established themselves near the site of the future Rome
  • aeneid — an epic poem in Latin by Virgil relating the experiences of Aeneas after the fall of Troy, written chiefly to provide an illustrious historical background for Rome
  • alkene — any unsaturated aliphatic hydrocarbon with the general formula CnH2n
  • arlene — a feminine name: var. Arline, Arleen

7 letter words containing ene

  • abilene — a city in central Texas. Pop: 114 889 (2003 est)
  • adenese — Adeni.
  • aeneous — brass-coloured or greenish-gold
  • alcmene — the mother of Hercules by Zeus who visited her in the guise of her husband, Amphitryon
  • alienee — a person to whom a transfer of property is made

8 letter words containing ene

  • achenese — Atjehnese.
  • adiprene — a polyurethane elastomer with exceptional abrasion resistance and strength
  • agenesia — absence of or failed development of a body part.
  • agenesis — (of an animal or plant) imperfect development
  • agenetic — absence of or failed development of a body part.

9 letter words containing ene

  • acetylene — Acetylene is a colourless gas which burns with a very hot bright flame. It is often used in lamps and for cutting and welding metal.
  • achimenes — any plant of the tropical S American tuberous-rooted perennial genus Achimenes, with showy red, blue, or white tubular flowers, some of which are grown as greenhouse plants: family Gesneriaceae
  • acuteness — sharp or severe in effect; intense: acute sorrow; an acute pain.
  • agileness — the quality of being agile
  • aliveness — having life; living; existing; not dead or lifeless.

10 letter words containing ene

  • achaemenes — flourished 7th century b.c, Persian king: traditional founder of the Achaemenid dynasty.
  • activeness — engaged in action; characterized by energetic work, participation, etc.; busy: an active life.
  • adenectomy — surgical removal of a gland
  • adrenergic — releasing or activated by adrenaline or an adrenaline-like substance
  • allogeneic — being genetically different, while belonging to the same species

11 letter words containing ene

  • abiogenesis — the hypothetical process by which living organisms first arose on earth from nonliving matter
  • abusiveness — using, containing, or characterized by harshly or coarsely insulting language: an abusive author; abusive remarks.
  • aeneolithic — Chalcolithic.
  • alcaligenes — any of several rod-shaped aerobic or facultatively anaerobic bacteria of the genus Alcaligenes, found in the intestinal tract of humans and other vertebrates and in dairy products.
  • ante-nicene — of or relating to the Christian church or period before the Nicene Council of a.d. 325.

12 letter words containing ene

  • abrasiveness — any material or substance used for grinding, polishing, etc., as emery, pumice, or sandpaper.
  • absoluteness — the quality of being absolute
  • abstruseness — hard to understand; recondite; esoteric: abstruse theories.
  • acenesthesia — loss of the physical awareness of one's body.
  • adaptiveness — in a state that has a capacity for adaptation

13 letter words containing ene

  • acetylbenzene — acetophenone.
  • addictiveness — producing or tending to cause addiction: an addictive drug.
  • agent-general — a representative in London of a Canadian province or an Australian state
  • agreeableness — to one's liking; pleasing: agreeable manners; an agreeable sensation.
  • assertiveness — confidently aggressive or self-assured; positive: aggressive; dogmatic: He is too assertive as a salesman.

14 letter words containing ene

  • aggressiveness — characterized by or tending toward unprovoked offensives, attacks, invasions, or the like; militantly forward or menacing: aggressive acts against a neighboring country.
  • antiadrenergic — Preventing or counteracting the effects of adrenaline.
  • antienergistic — resisting applied energy
  • applicableness — applying or capable of being applied; relevant; suitable; appropriate: an applicable rule; a solution that is applicable to the problem.
  • articulateness — uttered clearly in distinct syllables.

15 letter words containing ene

  • acetophenetidin — phenacetin
  • acquisitiveness — tending or seeking to acquire and own, often greedily; eager to get wealth, possessions, etc.: our acquisitive impulses; acquisitive societies.
  • androstenedione — a weak hormone, C19H26O2, produced by the ovaries, testes, and adrenal glands as a precursor to estrogen, testosterone, etc.: formerly taken in a concentrated tablet or capsule form as by some bodybuilders
  • anthropogenesis — the study of the origins of man
  • appropriateness — suitable or fitting for a particular purpose, person, occasion, etc.: an appropriate example; an appropriate dress.

16 letter words containing ene

  • alpha-adrenergic — of or having to do with an alpha receptor
  • anticyclogenesis — the intensification or development of an anticyclone.
  • apprehensiveness — uneasy or fearful about something that might happen: apprehensive for the safety of the mountain climbers.
  • approachableness — capable of being approached; accessible.
  • conservativeness — disposed to preserve existing conditions, institutions, etc., or to restore traditional ones, and to limit change.

17 letter words containing ene

  • argumentativeness — fond of or given to argument and dispute; disputatious; contentious: The law students were an unusually argumentative group.
  • authoritativeness — having due authority; having the sanction or weight of authority: an authoritative opinion.
  • behind-the-scenes — If something is done behind the scenes, it is done secretly rather than publicly.
  • benzeneazobenzene — azobenzene.
  • bioelectrogenesis — the production of electricity by organisms.

18 letter words containing ene

19 letter words containing ene

  • paradichlorobenzene — a white, crystalline, volatile, water-insoluble solid, C 6 H 4 Cl 2 , of the benzene series, having a penetrating odor: used chiefly as a moth repellent.
  • parthenogenetically — development of an egg without fertilization.
  • penecontemporaneous — formed during or shortly after the formation of the containing rock stratum: penecontemporaneous minerals.
  • phenanthrenequinone — a yellowish-orange, crystalline, water-insoluble solid, C 1 4 H 8 O 2 , used chiefly in organic synthesis and the manufacture of dyes.
  • pyrenees-orientales — a department in S France. 1600 sq. mi. (4145 sq. km). Capital: Perpignan.

20 letter words containing ene

  • buckminsterfullerene — a form of carbon that contains molecules having 60 carbon atoms arranged at the vertices of a polyhedron with hexagonal and pentagonal faces. It is produced in carbon arcs and occurs naturally in small amounts in certain minerals
  • decahydronaphthalene — a colorless, aromatic liquid, C 10 H 18 , insoluble in water and soluble in alcohol and ether: used as a solvent for oils, fats, etc., in cleaning fluids, lubricants, etc.
  • meta-dichlorobenzene — a colorless liquid, C 6 H 4 Cl 2 , soluble in alcohol and ether: used as a fumigant and insecticide.
  • para-dichlorobenzene — a white, crystalline, volatile, water-insoluble solid, C 6 H 4 Cl 2 , of the benzene series, having a penetrating odor: used chiefly as a moth repellent.
  • philoprogenitiveness — producing offspring, especially abundantly; prolific.

21 letter words containing ene

22 letter words containing ene

  • hexamethylenetetramine — a white, crystalline, water-soluble powder, C 6 H 12 N 4 , used as a vulcanization accelerator, an absorbent in gas masks, in the manufacture of the explosive RDX and synthetic resins, and in medicine as a diuretic and urinary antiseptic.

23 letter words containing ene

  • chlorotrifluoroethylene — a colorless, flammable gas, C 2 H 2 ClF, that polymerizes to form oils, greases, and waxes.
  • mediated-generalization — the act or process of generalizing.
  • pentachloronitrobenzene — a crystalline compound, C 6 Cl 5 NO 2 , used as an herbicide and insecticide. Abbreviation: PCNB.
  • polytetrafluoroethylene — any polymer, plastic, or resin having the formula (C 2 F 4) n , prepared from tetrafluoroethylene, noted for its slippery, nonsticking properties, and used in the manufacture of gaskets, electrical insulation, tubing, candy molds, container linings, frying-pan coatings, etc.

29 letter words containing ene

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