Words containing dipt

4 letter words containing dipt

  • dipt — a simple past tense of dip1 .

7 letter words containing dipt

  • diptera — the order comprising the dipterous insects.
  • diptote — a substantive declined in only two cases, especially when occurring in a language in which this is less than the normal number.
  • diptych — a hinged two-leaved tablet used in ancient times for writing on with a stylus.

8 letter words containing dipt

  • dipteral — dipterous.
  • dipteran — dipterous (def 1).
  • dipteron — a dipterous insect.
  • dipteros — (in ancient Greece) a building with a double colonnade on all sides
  • dipthong — Obsolete spelling of diphthong.

9 letter words containing dipt

  • dipterans — Plural form of dipteran.
  • dipterist — an expert on flies belonging to the order Diptera
  • dipterous — Entomology. belonging or pertaining to the order Diptera, comprising the houseflies, mosquitoes, and gnats, characterized by a single, anterior pair of membranous wings with the posterior pair reduced to small, knobbed structures.

11 letter words containing dipt

  • dipterocarp — A tall forest tree from which are obtained resins and timber for the export trade, occurring mainly in Southeast Asia.

14 letter words containing dipt

  • dipterocarpous — (of a tree) belonging to the genus Dipterocarpus or the family Dipterocarpaceae
  • pseudodipteral — having an arrangement of columns suggesting a dipteral structure but without the inner colonnade.

17 letter words containing dipt

  • dipterocarpaceous — of, relating to, or belonging to the Dipterocarpaceae, a family of trees chiefly native to tropical SE Asia, having two-winged fruits. Many species yield useful timber and resins

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