Words containing cyt

4 letter words containing cyt

  • cyte — Obsolete spelling of city.

5 letter words containing cyt

  • -cyte — indicating a cell
  • cyto- — indicating a cell
  • cytol — Cytological.
  • cyton — the central part of a neuron

6 letter words containing cyt

  • cytase — a cellulose-dissolving enzyme
  • cytode — a unicellular non-nucleated mass of protoplasm, the simplest form of life
  • cytoid — resembling a cell
  • cytost — any cellular substance liberated because of injury to the cell or cells.
  • oocyte — an immature egg cell of the animal ovary; in humans, one oocyte matures during the menstrual cycle, becoming an ootid and then an ovum, while several others partially mature and then disintegrate.

7 letter words containing cyt

  • cocytus — the river of wailing, a tributary of the Acheron in Hades
  • cythera — a Greek island off the SE coast of the Peloponnese: in ancient times a centre of the worship of Aphrodite. Pop: 3354 (2001). Area: about 285 sq km (110 sq miles)
  • cytisus — any of a member of a diverse genus of fragrant plants of the family Fabaceae, native to Europe, western Asia, and north Africa, and having brightly coloured flowers
  • cytosis — (pathology) An abnormal increase in the number of a specified type of cells.
  • cytosol — the solution of proteins and metabolites inside a biological cell, in which the organelles are suspended

8 letter words containing cyt

  • auxocyte — any cell undergoing meiosis, esp an oocyte or spermatocyte
  • cytaster — aster.
  • cytherea — Aphrodite
  • cytidine — a nucleoside formed by the condensation of cytosine and ribose
  • cytisine — a toxic alkaloid found in several species of plants, similar in molecular structure to nicotine

9 letter words containing cyt

  • adipocyte — a fat cell that accumulates and stores fats
  • amebocyte — any cell capable of moving like an amoeba, esp. one that floats freely in the blood or other body fluids, such as a white blood corpuscle
  • astrocyte — any of the star-shaped cells in the tissue supporting the brain and spinal cord (neuroglia)
  • athrocyte — a cell that is able to receive and store matter
  • coenocyte — a mass of protoplasm containing many nuclei and enclosed by a cell wall: occurs in many fungi and some algae

10 letter words containing cyt

  • adipocytes — Plural form of adipocyte.
  • akaryocyte — A cell that has no nucleus.
  • amebocytes — Plural form of amebocyte, an alternative spelling of amoebocyte.
  • amoebocyte — any cell having properties similar to an amoeba, such as shape, mobility, and ability to engulf particles
  • archeocyte — (in sponges) a type of amoebocyte capable of developing into other types of cells, especially reproductive cells.

11 letter words containing cyt

  • acanthocyte — an abnormal red blood cell having spiny projections, found in the blood of persons with abetalipoproteinemia and certain malabsorption disorders.
  • amoebocytes — Plural form of amoebocyte.
  • archaeocyte — (in sponges) a type of amoebocyte capable of developing into other types of cells, especially reproductive cells.
  • astrocytoma — a tumour of the nervous system which originates in and consists mainly of astrocytes
  • choanocytes — Plural form of choanocyte.

12 letter words containing cyt

  • agranulocyte — a white blood cell without granules in its cytoplasm
  • anisocytosis — (medicine) Significant size variation of blood cells.
  • astrocytomas — Plural form of astrocytoma.
  • athrocytosis — the capability of a cell to receive and store matter
  • b-lymphocyte — a type of lymphocyte, originating in bone marrow, that produces antibodies

13 letter words containing cyt

  • cytochalasins — Plural form of cytochalasin.
  • cytochemistry — the chemistry of living cells
  • cytodiagnosis — the diagnosis of disease through the study of cells in the body
  • cytogenetical — of or related to cytogenetics
  • cytologically — the study of the microscopic appearance of cells, especially for the diagnosis of abnormalities and malignancies.

14 letter words containing cyt

15 letter words containing cyt

  • agranulocytosis — a serious and sometimes fatal illness characterized by a marked reduction of leucocytes, usually caused by hypersensitivity to certain drugs
  • amegakaryocytic — Characterized by a lack of megakaryocytes.
  • cytogenetically — (medicine, biology) By means or in terms of cytogenetics, the genetics of the cell.
  • cytomegalovirus — a virus of the herpes virus family that may cause serious disease in patients whose immune systems are compromised
  • cytophotometers — Plural form of cytophotometer.

16 letter words containing cyt

  • cytoarchitecture — (biology) The arrangement of cells in an organism or organ.
  • cytotechnologist — a technician who specializes in identifying cells and cellular abnormalities.
  • cytotrophoblasts — Plural form of cytotrophoblast.
  • erythrocytometer — an instrument for counting the number or measuring the size of red blood cells in a sample of blood
  • granulocytopenia — a diminished number of granulocytes in the blood, which occurs in certain forms of anaemia

17 letter words containing cyt

18 letter words containing cyt

19 letter words containing cyt

20 letter words containing cyt

  • megakaryocytopoiesis — (biology) The cellular development process that leads to platelet production.

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