Words containing corne

6 letter words containing corne

  • cornea — The cornea is the transparent skin covering the outside of your eye.
  • corned — (esp of beef) cooked and then preserved or pickled in salt or brine, now often canned
  • cornel — any cornaceous plant of the genus Cornus, such as the dogwood and dwarf cornel
  • corner — A corner is a point or an area where two or more edges, sides, or surfaces of something join.
  • cornet — A cornet is a musical instrument of the brass family that looks like a small trumpet.

7 letter words containing corne

  • acorned — covered with acorns
  • bicorne — a two-cornered cocked hat worn especially in the 18th and early 19th centuries.
  • corneal — Corneal means relating to the cornea.
  • corneas — Plural form of cornea.
  • cornell — Ezra (ˈɛzrə ) ; ezˈrə) 1807-74; U.S. capitalist & philanthropist

8 letter words containing corne

  • cornelia — a feminine name
  • corneous — horny; hornlike
  • cornered — having (a specified number or type of) corners
  • cornetcy — the commission or rank of a cornet
  • cornetto — A woodwind instrument of the 16th and 17th centuries, typically curved, with finger holes and a cup -shaped mouthpiece.

9 letter words containing corne

  • -cornered — having corners of a particular shape or type or having a particular number of corners
  • corneille — Pierre (pjɛr). 1606–84, French tragic dramatist often regarded as the founder of French classical drama. His plays include Médée (1635), Le Cid (1636), Horace (1640), and Polyeucte (1642)
  • corneitis — an inflammation of the cornea
  • cornelian — carnelian
  • cornelius — a masculine name: fem. Cornelia

10 letter words containing corne

  • cornerback — a defensive back
  • cornerwise — with a corner in front; diagonally
  • cornetfish — any of several slender fishes of the family Fistulariidae, of tropical seas, having an elongated snout and bony plates instead of scales.
  • cornetists — Plural form of cornetist.
  • cornettino — a small woodwind instrument of the cornett family that was popular in northern Europe in the 15th century

11 letter words containing corne

  • catercorner — diagonal.
  • cornerbacks — Plural form of cornerback.
  • cornerstone — The cornerstone of something is the basic part of it on which its existence, success, or truth depends.
  • tricornered — having three corners; tricorn.

12 letter words containing corne

  • capricornean — born under or characteristic of Capricorn
  • catty-corner — Something that is catty-corner or kitty-corner from another thing is placed or arranged diagonally from it.
  • cornerstones — Plural form of cornerstone.
  • four-corners — a point in the SW U.S., at the intersection of 37° N latitude and 109° W longitude, where the boundaries of four states—Arizona, Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico—meet: the only such point in the U.S.
  • kitty-corner — diagonal.

13 letter words containing corne

  • corneoscleral — Relating to the cornea and sclera of the eye.

14 letter words containing corne

15 letter words containing corne

  • hole-and-corner — secretive; clandestine; furtive: The political situation was full of hole-and-corner intrigue.

16 letter words containing corne

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