19-letter words containing cor

  • according to cocker — reliable or reliably; correct or correctly
  • adrenocorticotropic — that can stimulate the cortex of the adrenal glands
  • adrenocorticotropin — ACTH.
  • asbestos cork award — (humour)   Once, long ago at MIT, there was a flamer so consistently obnoxious that another hacker designed, had made, and distributed posters announcing that said flamer had been nominated for the "asbestos cork award". (Any reader in doubt as to the intended application of the cork should consult the etymology under flame.) Since then, it is agreed that only a select few have risen to the heights of bombast required to earn this dubious dignity - but there is no agreement on *which* few.
  • champagne corks pop — If you say that champagne corks are popping, you mean that people are celebrating something.
  • cordillera oriental — the eastern ranges of the Andes, in Bolivia, Colombia, and Peru.
  • core protocol stack — (architecture)   1. A portion of the Web Services architecture for defining and describing various Web Services. 2. The architectural protocol layers of a Bluetooth wireless communication system, comprising the Host Control Interface (HCI), Logical Link Control and Adaptation Protocol (L2CAP), RS232 Serial Cable Emulation Profile (RFCOMM), Service Discovery Protocol (SDP), and Object Exchange (OBEX).
  • coronary thrombosis — A coronary thrombosis is the same as a coronary.
  • corporal punishment — Corporal punishment is the punishment of people by hitting them.
  • corporate venturing — the provision of venture capital by one company for another in order to obtain information about the company requiring capital or as a step towards acquiring it
  • corrections officer — A corrections officer is someone who works as a guard at a prison.
  • correspondence card — a piece of card, often with the sender's name and address printed on the top, designed to be used for sending brief notes to people through the post
  • corrosive sublimate — mercuric chloride
  • corruption of blood — the impurity before law that results from attainder and disqualifies the attainted person from inheriting, retaining, or bequeathing lands or interests in lands: abolished in 1870.
  • court correspondent — (in Britain) a journalist who covers stories about the royal family
  • deoxycorticosterone — a corticosteroid hormone important in maintaining sodium and water balance in the body
  • eastern coral snake — any of numerous venomous elapid snakes, found chiefly in the New World tropics, as Micrurus fulvius (eastern coral snake) of the southeastern U.S., often brilliantly marked with bands of red, yellow, and black.
  • exterior decoration — the painting of the outside of a building
  • ferrite core memory — (storage)   (Or "core") An early form of non-volatile storage built (by hand) from tiny rings of magnetisable material threaded onto very fine wire to form large (e.g. 13"x13" or more) rectangluar arrays. Each core stored one bit of data. These were sandwiched between printed circuit boards(?). Sets of wires ran horizontally and vertically and where a vertical and horizontal wire crossed, a core had both wires threaded through it. A single core could be selected and magnetised by passing sufficient current through its horizontal and vertical wires. A core would retain its magnetisation until it was re-magnetised. The two possible polarities of magnetisation were used to represent the binary values zero and one. A third "sense" wire, passed through the core and, if the magnetisation of the core was changed, a small pulse would be induced in the sense wire which could be detected and used to deduce the core's original state. Some core memory was immersed in a bath of heated oil to improve its performance. Core memory was rendered obsolete by semiconductor memory. For example, the 1970s-era NCR 499 had two boards, each with 16 kilobytes of core memory.
  • house of correction — a place for the confinement and reform of persons convicted of minor offenses and not regarded as confirmed criminals.
  • human rights record — the facts that are known about the tendency of a country, regime, etc, to observe and protect human rights
  • inprise corporation — Borland Software Corporation.
  • interior decorating — art of choosing furnishings and décor
  • interior decoration — interior design.
  • lobby correspondent — a political correspondent who reports from parliament
  • matthias i corvinus — ?1440–90, king of Hungary (1458–90): built up the most powerful kingdom in Central Europe. A patron of Renaissance art, he founded the Corvina library, one of the finest in Europe
  • of one's own accord — to be in agreement or harmony; agree.
  • politically correct — marked by or adhering to a typically progressive orthodoxy on issues involving especially ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, or ecology: The actor’s comment about unattractive women was not politically correct. The CEO feels that people who care about being politically correct are overly sensitive. Abbreviations: PC, P.C.
  • quartermaster corps — the branch of the U.S. Army responsible for supplying food, clothing, fuel, and equipment and for the operation of commissaries, laundries, etc.
  • recording equipment — devices used for sound reproduction
  • recording secretary — an officer charged with keeping the minutes of meetings and responsible for the records.
  • roosevelt corollary — a corollary (1904) to the Monroe Doctrine, asserting that the U.S. might intervene in the affairs of an American republic threatened with seizure or intervention by a European country.
  • royal correspondent — a journalist who reports on matters relating to royalty
  • ruffini's corpuscle — an end organ of certain sensory neurons that branches out parallel to the skin and responds to steady pressure.
  • the four corners of — You can use expressions such as the four corners of the world to refer to places that are a long way from each other.
  • the little corporal — a nickname of Napoleon Bonaparte
  • toshiba corporation — (company)   A Japanese technology manufacturer with 364 subsidiaries worldwide. Toshiba makes and sells electronics for home, office, industry and health care including information and communication systems, electronic components, heavy electrical apparatus, consumer products and medical diagnostic imaging equipment. In FY 2003-4, Toshiba employed 161,286 people.
  • tropic of capricorn — Astronomy. the Goat, a zodiacal constellation between Sagittarius and Aquarius.
  • under police escort — If you go somewhere or are taken somewhere under police escort, you go there accompanied by a police escort.
  • video tape recorder — a device for recording television programs on magnetic tape for delayed transmission or for storage.

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