16-letter words containing cor

  • 3com corporation — (company, networking)   A manufacturer of local area network equipment. 3Com was founded in 1979. They acquired BICC Data Networks in 1992, Star-Tek in 1993, Synernetics in 1993, Centrum in 1994, NiceCom in 1994 AccessWorks, Sonix Communications, Primary Access and Chipcom in 1995 and Axon and OnStream Networks in 1996. They merged with U.S. Robotics in 1997.
  • accordion pleats — tiny knife pleats
  • acorn archimedes — Archimedes
  • analog recording — a method of sound recording in which an input audio waveform is converted to an analogous waveform.
  • apple of discord — a golden apple inscribed "For the fairest". It was claimed by Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite, to whom Paris awarded it, thus beginning a chain of events that led to the Trojan War
  • break the record — surpass previous highest, best
  • call data record — (telecommunications)   (CDR) A data record that contains information related to a telephone call, including the origination and destination addresses of the call, the time the call started and ended, the duration of the call, the time of day the call was made, toll charges that were added through the network, or charges for operator services.
  • coram non judice — before a court lacking the authority to hear and decide the case in question.
  • cordon sanitaire — a guarded line serving to cut off an infected area
  • core description — A core description is a summary of the information about a rock sample, found by core analysis.
  • coreferentiality — (of two words or phrases) having reference to the same person or thing.
  • corkscrew flower — snailflower.
  • corned beef hash — a dish consisting of corned beef chopped and mixed together with mashed potatoes and various other ingredients, then fried
  • cornelian cherry — a flowering tree of the dogwood family Cornus mas
  • cornet à pistons — a three-valved brass instrument of the trumpet family. Written range: about two and a half octaves upwards from E below middle C. It is a transposing instrument in B flat or A
  • cornet-a-pistons — cornet (def 1).
  • cornhusker state — Nebraska (used as a nickname).
  • coromandel coast — the SE coast of India, along the Bay of Bengal, extending from Point Calimere to the mouth of the Krishna River
  • corona australis — a small faint constellation in the S hemisphere between Ara and Pavo
  • corona discharge — an electrical discharge appearing on and around the surface of a charged conductor, caused by ionization of the surrounding gas
  • coronary cushion — a thick band of vascular tissue in the coronet of horses and other hoofed animals that secretes the horny wall of the hoof.
  • coroutine pascal — ["Control Separation in Programming languages", Lemon et al, ACM Ann Conf 1977].
  • corporal's guard — a squad commanded by a corporal
  • corporate ladder — the hierarchy of posts with a particular corporation or corporations in general
  • corporate lawyer — a lawyer who works for a corporation
  • corporate raider — A corporate raider is a person or organization that tries to take control of a company by buying a large number of its shares.
  • corporation stop — a cock controlling the flow of water or gas from mains to individual consumers.
  • correcting plate — a thin lens used to correct incoming light rays in special forms of reflecting telescopes.
  • correction fluid — a fluid, usually white, that can be painted over a mistake in writing or typing so that the correct form can be written or typed on top
  • corrugated paper — a packaging material made from layers of heavy paper, the top layer of which is grooved and ridged
  • dehydroascorbate — (organic compound) Any salt or ester of dehydroascorbic acid.
  • destroyer escort — a lightly armed warship smaller than a destroyer, designed to escort fleets or convoys
  • diplomatic corps — the entire body of diplomats accredited to and resident at a court or capital.
  • disincorporation — to remove from an incorporated state or status.
  • entente cordiale — a friendly understanding between political powers: less formal than an alliance
  • error correction — the automatic correction of errors in data that arise from missing or distorted digital pulses
  • extracorporeally — Outside the body.
  • fandango on core — (jargon, programming)   (Unix/C, from the Mexican dance) In C, a wild pointer that runs out of bounds, causing a core dump, or corrupts the malloc arena in such a way as to cause mysterious failures later on, is sometimes said to have "done a fandango on core". On low-end personal machines without an MMU, this can corrupt the operating system itself, causing massive lossage. Other frenetic dances such as the rhumba, cha-cha, or watusi, may be substituted. See aliasing bug, precedence lossage, smash the stack, memory leak, memory smash, overrun screw, core.
  • gamma correction — (hardware)   Adjustments applied during the display of a digital representation of colour on a screen in order to compensate for the fact that the Cathode Ray Tubes used in computer monitors (and televisions) produce a light intensity which is not proportional to the input voltage. The light intensity is actually proportional to the input voltage raised to the inverse power of some constant, called gamma. Its value varies from one display to another, but is usually around 2.5. Because it is more intuitive for the colour components (red, green and blue) to be varied linearly in the computer, the actual voltages sent to the monitor by the display hardware must be adjusted in order to make the colour component intensity on the screen proportional to the value stored in the computer's display memory. This process is most easily achieved by a dedicated module in the display hardware which simply scales the outputs of the display memory before sending them to the digital-to-analogue converters. More expensive graphics cards and workstations (particularly those used for CAD applications) will have a gamma correction facility. In combination with the "white-point" gamma correction is used to achieve precise colour matching.
  • gaudí (i cornet) — An‧to‧nio (ɑnˈtɔnjɔ ) ; änt^ōˈny^ō) 1852-1926; Sp. architect
  • hemicorporectomy — (surgery) The surgical procedure which cuts through the spine and removes the lower half of the body from the waist down.
  • hospital corners — a fold on a bed sheet or blanket made by tucking the foot or head of the sheet straight under the mattress with the ends protruding and then making a diagonal fold at the side corner of the sheet and tucking this under to produce a triangular corner.
  • hypercorrections — Plural form of hypercorrection.
  • hypercorrectness — The state or condition of being hypercorrect.
  • hypocoristically — In a hypocoristic manner.
  • incorporated bar — (in some states) a system of bar associations to which all lawyers are required to belong.
  • incorrespondence — Lack of correspondence; failure to correspond or match up; disagreement; disproportion.
  • incorrigibleness — The quality of being incorrigible; incorrigibility.
  • incorruptibility — not corruptible: incorruptible integrity.
  • intercorrelation — mutual relation of two or more things, parts, etc.: Studies find a positive correlation between severity of illness and nutritional status of the patients. Synonyms: similarity, correspondence, matching; parallelism, equivalence; interdependence, interrelationship, interconnection.

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