15-letter words containing cor

  • accordion pleat — one of a series of narrow, evenly spaced parallel pleats with alternating raised and recessed folds set into cloth or other material, usually by a commercial pleating machine.
  • aggregate score — a score calculated by adding the results of several matches
  • anti-corruption — the act of corrupting or state of being corrupt.
  • audio recording — an electronic recording of sound
  • autocorrelation — the condition occurring when successive items in a series are correlated so that their covariance is not zero and they are not independent
  • autocorrelative — Relating to autocorrelation.
  • blocked records — (storage)   Several records written as a contiguous block on magnetic tape so that they may be accessed in a single I/O operation. Blocking increases the amount of data that may be stored on a tape because there are fewer inter-block gaps. It requires that the tape drive or processor have a sufficiently large buffer to store the whole block.
  • blood corpuscle — one of the cells in the blood
  • blow one's cork — to lose one's temper; become enraged
  • cerebral cortex — the outermost layer of the cerebrum that is the locus of higher brain processes
  • corday d'armont — (Marie Anne) Charlotte [muh-ree an shahr-luh t;; French ma-ree an shar-lawt] /məˈri æn ˈʃɑr lət;; French maˈri an ʃarˈlɔt/ (Show IPA), 1768–93, French Revolutionary heroine who assassinated Marat.
  • cordillera real — a range of the Andes, in Bolivia. Highest peak, Illimani, 21,201 feet (6462 meters).
  • core competency — a skill needed in order to be successful at a job or other activity: Several core competencies have been identified as critical to the success of every student.
  • core curriculum — a group of subjects that all students in a certain type of school or of a certain age must study
  • coriolis effect — a deflection in the path of a body moving in latitude relative to the Earth when observed from the Earth. The deflection is due to the Earth's rotation and is to the east when the motion is towards a pole
  • corkscrew curls — locks of hair curled to hang in a spiral shape
  • corkscrew grass — a variety of spear grass, Austrostipa scabra, native to Australia, having very fine foliage, an erect seed head, and awns that twist up the seed head: family Poaceae
  • corn on the cob — Corn on the cob is the long rounded part of the maize or corn plant on which small yellow seeds grow, and which is eaten as a vegetable.
  • corn-leaf aphid — a green aphid, Rhopalosiphum maidis, widely distributed in the U.S.: a pest of corn and other grasses.
  • corn-root aphid — an aphid, Anuraphis maidiradicis, that lives as a symbiont in colonies of cornfield ants and feeds on the roots of corn: an agricultural pest.
  • cornflower blue — a deep vivid blue, like that of the typical blooms of a cornflower
  • coromandel work — lacquer work popular in England c1700 and marked by an incised design filled in with gold and color.
  • corona borealis — a small compact constellation in the N hemisphere lying between Boötes and Hercules
  • coronary artery — either of two arteries branching from the aorta and supplying blood to the heart
  • coronary bypass — the surgical bypass of a narrowed or blocked coronary artery by grafting a section of a healthy blood vessel taken from another part of the patient's body
  • corpora callosa — corpus callosum
  • corpora striata — corpus striatum
  • corporate image — the way an organization is presented to or perceived by its members and the public
  • corporation tax — Corporation tax is a tax that companies have to pay on the profits they make.
  • corporatization — The privatization of a publicly-owned organization.
  • corporification — an act or the quality of embodying
  • corps de ballet — In ballet, the corps de ballet is the group of dancers who dance together, in contrast to the main dancers, who dance by themselves.
  • corpus callosum — the band of white fibres that connects the cerebral hemispheres in mammals
  • corpus striatum — a striped mass of white and grey matter situated in front of the thalamus in each cerebral hemisphere
  • correcting lens — a thin lens used to correct spherical aberration introduced by the spherical mirror in certain optical systems
  • correction tape — a tape that can be placed over a written or typed mistake, on which the correct form can be written or typed, thereby covering the mistake underneath
  • correlativeness — The state or quality of being correlative.
  • correspondences — communication by exchange of letters.
  • correspondently — in a correspondent manner
  • correspondingly — You use correspondingly when describing a situation which is closely connected with one you have just mentioned or is similar to it.
  • corrugated iron — a thin structural sheet made of iron or steel, formed with alternating ridges and troughs
  • corruptibleness — The state or quality of being corruptible.
  • corticosteroids — Plural form of corticosteroid.
  • corticothalamic — Of or pertaining to the cortex and the thalamus.
  • corynebacterial — relating to bacteria of the genus Corynebacterium
  • corynebacterium — any of various bacterium of the genus Corynebacterium, including various animal and plant pathogens and animal parasites
  • court of record — a court which has a permanent record of its proceedings maintained
  • criminal record — a list of a person's criminal convictions
  • csk corporation — (company)   The japanese company that owns CSK Software and Sega. CSK Corp. is the largest independent japanese software company.
  • decorated style — a 14th-century style of English architecture characterized by the ogee arch, geometrical tracery, and floral decoration

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