Words containing colou

6 letter words containing colou

  • colour — The colour of something is the appearance that it has as a result of the way in which it reflects light. Red, blue, and green are colours.

7 letter words containing colou

  • -colous — inhabiting or living on
  • colours — the flag that indicates nationality
  • coloury — possessing colour

8 letter words containing colou

  • bicolour — two-coloured
  • coloured — Something that is coloured a particular colour is that colour.
  • colourer — a person or thing that colours
  • decolour — to deprive of colour, as by bleaching
  • encolour — to give a colour to

9 letter words containing colou

  • colourant — A colourant is a substance that is used to give something a particular colour.
  • colourful — Something that is colourful has bright colours or a lot of different colours.
  • colouring — The colouring of something is the colour or colours that it is.
  • colourise — (UK) Alternative form of colorize (to add colour to).
  • colourism — discrimination in which people are judged on the basis of their skin colour

10 letter words containing colou

  • acolouthos — the chief of the Varangian guard in the Byzantine empire during the Palaeologan period
  • colourable — capable of being coloured
  • colourbred — (of an animal) bred to be a particular colour
  • colourcast — a colour television broadcast
  • colourfast — A fabric that is colourfast has a colour that will not get paler when the fabric is washed or worn.

11 letter words containing colou

  • anacoloutha — Plural form of anacolouthon.
  • arenicolous — growing or living in sand or sandy places
  • caulicolous — living or growing on other plants' stems
  • colouration — (British spelling) alternative spelling of coloration.
  • colourblind — Alternative form of colour blind.

12 letter words containing colou

  • anacolouthon — Alternative spelling of anacoluthon (A break in sequence, that occurs when the scheme of a sentence is changed in its course. Incoherence in a sentence.).
  • ash-coloured — silver-grey in colour
  • colour-blind — Someone who is colour-blind cannot see the difference between colours, especially between red and green.
  • colour-coded — Things that are colour-coded use colours to represent different features or functions.
  • colourations — Plural form of colouration.

13 letter words containing colou

14 letter words containing colou

15 letter words containing colou

16 letter words containing colou

18 letter words containing colou

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