Words containing cn

2 letter words containing cn

  • cn — China

3 letter words containing cn

  • acn — ACN is a monomer (= a molecule that can be bonded with identical molecules) with the formula C₃H₃N.
  • cna — Central News Agency, a national stationery chain
  • cnc — CNC is a way of controlling how machine tools operate using a computer.
  • cnd — Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament
  • cng — compressed natural gas

4 letter words containing cn

  • acne — If someone has acne, they have a skin condition which causes a lot of spots on their face and neck.
  • bcnu — be seeing you
  • bcnz — (the former) Broadcasting Corporation of New Zealand
  • cnaa — the Council for National Academic Awards: a former degree-awarding body separate from the universities
  • cnar — compound net annual rate

5 letter words containing cn

  • acned — blemished by acne
  • bacne — acne on one's back: Bacne can cause pain and scarring.
  • cname — (networking)   The canonical name query type for Domain Name System. This query asks a DNS server for a host's official hostname.
  • cnida — a nematocyst
  • tacna — city in S Peru: pop. 174,000

6 letter words containing cn

  • acnode — a point whose coordinates satisfy the equation of a curve although it does not lie on the curve; an isolated point. The origin is an acnode of the curve y2 + x2 = x3
  • arcnet — (networking)   A network developed by DataPoint. ARCnet was proprietary until the late 1980s and had about as large a marketshare as Ethernet among small businesses. It was almost as fast and was considerably cheaper at the time.
  • cnemis — the shin or tibia
  • cnidae — a nematocyst.
  • cnidus — an ancient Greek city in SW Asia Minor: famous for its school of medicine

7 letter words containing cn

  • acnemia — a condition characterized by atrophy of the muscles of the calf of the leg.
  • cnossus — Knossos
  • drecnet — /drek'net/ [Yiddish/German "dreck", meaning filth] Deliberate distortion of DECNET, a networking protocol used in the VMS community. So called because DEC helped write the Ethernet specification and then (either stupidly or as a malignant customer-control tactic) violated that spec in the design of DRECNET in a way that made it incompatible. See also connector conspiracy.
  • mcnallyTerrance, born 1938, U.S. playwright.
  • pycnite — an off-white to yellow variety of topaz

8 letter words containing cn

  • antiacne — inhibiting the development of acne
  • chicness — the condition of being stylish or elegant
  • cnidaria — an alternative name for the invertebrate phylum Coelenterata, giving emphasis to the stinging structures as characteristic of the phylum.
  • cnidocil — a hairlike sensory process projecting from the surface of a cnidoblast, believed to trigger the discharge of the nematocyst.
  • epicness — The quality or state of being epic.

9 letter words containing cn

  • acnegenic — causing or able to cause acne.
  • basicness — Quality or degree of being basic.
  • chloracne — a disfiguring skin disease that results from contact with or ingestion or inhalation of certain chlorinated aromatic hydrocarbons
  • cnidarian — any invertebrate of the phylum Cnidaria, which comprises the coelenterates
  • cnidocils — Plural form of cnidocil.

10 letter words containing cn

  • cnidarians — Plural form of cnidarian.
  • cnidoblast — any of the cells of a coelenterate that contain nematocysts
  • cnidocysts — a nematocyst.
  • cnidophore — a part or organ bearing cnidoblasts.
  • exoticness — The characteristic of being exotic; foreignness.

11 letter words containing cn

  • angelicness — The state or quality of being angelic.
  • anthracnose — any of several fungus diseases of plants and trees, such as vines and beans, characterized by oval dark depressed spots on the fruit and elsewhere
  • causticness — The state or quality of being caustic.
  • chaoticness — The state or quality of being chaotic.
  • cnidoblasts — the cell within which a nematocyst is developed.

12 letter words containing cn

  • cholericness — The state or quality of being choleric.
  • gastrocnemii — Plural form of gastrocnemius.
  • majesticness — The quality of being majestic.
  • prolificness — producing offspring, young, fruit, etc., abundantly; highly fruitful: a prolific pear tree.

13 letter words containing cn

  • acne-vulgaris — an inflammatory disease of the sebaceous glands, characterized by comedones and pimples, especially on the face, back, and chest, and, in severe cases, by cysts and nodules resulting in scarring.
  • chromaticness — the attribute of colour that involves both hue and saturation
  • extrinsicness — The quality or state of being extrinsic.
  • gastrocnemius — the largest muscle in the calf of the leg, the action of which extends the foot, raises the heel, and assists in bending the knee.
  • idiomaticness — Idiomaticity.

14 letter words containing cn

  • systematicness — having, showing, or involving a system, method, or plan: a systematic course of reading; systematic efforts.

15 letter words containing cn

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