Words containing clu

3 letter words containing clu

  • clu — Chartered Life Underwriter

4 letter words containing clu

  • aclu — American Civil Liberties Union
  • cclu — Cambridge CLU. CLU extended to support concurrency, distributed programming and remote procedure call, by G. Hamilton et al at CUCL. E-mail: Jean Bacon <[email protected]>.
  • club — A club is an organization of people interested in a particular activity or subject who usually meet on a regular basis.
  • clue — A clue to a problem or mystery is something that helps you to find the answer to it.
  • cluj — an industrial city in NW Romania, on the Someşul-Mic River: former capital of Transylvania. Pop: 297 000 (2005 est)

5 letter words containing clu

  • clu2c — (tool)   A CLU to C compiler.
  • clubs — the suit of cards marked with the black trefoil symbol
  • cluck — When a hen clucks, it makes short, low noises.
  • clued — Simple past tense and past participle of clue.
  • clues — Plural form of clue.

6 letter words containing clu

  • clubby — If you describe an institution or a group of people as clubby, you mean that all the people in it are friendly with each other and do not welcome other people in.
  • clucks — Third-person singular simple present indicative form of cluck.
  • clucky — wishing to have a baby
  • cludge — (slang, UK dialectal) A toilet.
  • cluing — anything that serves to guide or direct in the solution of a problem, mystery, etc.

7 letter words containing clu

  • clubbed — having a thickened end, like a club
  • clubber — A clubber is someone who regularly goes to nightclubs.
  • clubman — a man who is an enthusiastic member of a club or clubs
  • clubmen — Plural form of clubman.
  • clucked — to utter the cry of a hen brooding or calling her chicks.

8 letter words containing clu

  • ballclub — (baseball) A baseball team.
  • clubable — Alternative form of clubbable.
  • clubbers — Plural form of clubber.
  • clubbing — Clubbing is the activity of going to night clubs.
  • clubbish — clubby

9 letter words containing clu

  • aquiclude — any geological formation that absorbs and holds water but does not transmit it at a sufficient rate to supply springs, wells, etc.
  • club-foot — a knoblike foot formed from the end of a cabriole leg as a continuation of its lines: less flat than a pad foot but otherwise similar.
  • clubbable — A clubbable person is friendly and likes being with other people, which makes them good members of social clubs.
  • clubfaces — Plural form of clubface.
  • clubhands — Plural form of clubhand.

10 letter words containing clu

11 letter words containing clu

  • club-footed — a congenitally deformed or distorted foot.
  • clubmanship — the status of belonging to an active club
  • cluj-napoca — city in Transylvania, NW Romania: pop. 322,000
  • concludable — to bring to an end; finish; terminate: to conclude a speech with a quotation from the Bible.
  • conclusions — Plural form of conclusion.

12 letter words containing clu

  • clubbability — The quality of being clubbable.
  • cluelessness — The state of being clueless.
  • conclusional — the end or close; final part.
  • conclusively — serving to settle or decide a question; decisive; convincing: conclusive evidence.
  • declustering — Any technique that counteracts clustering (in any sense).

13 letter words containing clu

  • all-inclusive — All-inclusive is used to indicate that a price, especially the price of a holiday, includes all the charges and all the services offered.
  • conclusionary — conclusory
  • double-clutch — (of a bird) to produce a second clutch of eggs after the first has been removed, usually for hatching in an incubator.
  • excludability — The ability to be excluded.
  • exclusionists — Plural form of exclusionist.

14 letter words containing clu

  • clustergeeking — (jargon)   /kluh'st*r-gee"king/ (CMU) Spending more time at a computer cluster doing CS homework than most people spend breathing.
  • conclusionally — the last main division of a discourse, usually containing a summing up of the points and a statement of opinion or decisions reached.
  • conclusiveness — serving to settle or decide a question; decisive; convincing: conclusive evidence.
  • exclusionarily — In an exclusionary manner; so as to exclude.
  • hercules'-club — a prickly North American araliaceous shrub, Aralia spinosa, with medicinal bark and leaves

15 letter words containing clu

  • double-declutch — to change to a lower gear in a motor vehicle by first placing the gear lever into the neutral position before engaging the desired gear, at the same time releasing the clutch pedal and increasing the engine speed

16 letter words containing clu

  • double-clutching — (of a bird) to produce a second clutch of eggs after the first has been removed, usually for hatching in an incubator.
  • inconclusiveness — The state or condition of being inconclusive.

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