Words containing cl

2 letter words containing cl

  • cl — cl is a written abbreviation for centilitre.

3 letter words containing cl

  • acl — anterior cruciate ligament
  • bcl — Bachelor of Civil Law
  • clc — Canadian Labour Congress
  • cli — 1.   (operating system)   Command Line Interface. 2.   (database, standard)   Call-Level Interface.
  • clu — Chartered Life Underwriter

4 letter words containing cl

  • acle — the hard, durable wood of a Philippine leguminous tree, Albizzia acle, used for making fine furniture.
  • aclu — American Civil Liberties Union
  • aecl — Atomic Energy of Canada Limited
  • clad — If you are clad in particular clothes, you are wearing them.
  • clag — sticky mud

5 letter words containing cl

  • clack — If things clack or if you clack them, they make a short loud noise, especially when they hit each other.
  • clade — a group of organisms considered as having evolved from a common ancestor
  • claes — (Scotland) clothes.
  • claim — If you say that someone claims that something is true, you mean they say that it is true but you are not sure whether or not they are telling the truth.
  • clair — René (rəne), real name René Chomette. 1898–1981, French film director; noted for his comedies including An Italian Straw Hat (1928) and pioneering sound films such as Sous les toits de Paris (1930); later films include Les Belles de nuit (1952)

6 letter words containing cl

  • boucle — looped yarn giving a knobbly effect
  • chicle — a gumlike substance obtained from the sapodilla; the main ingredient of chewing gum
  • chicly — in a chic style or manner; smartly and elegantly
  • circle — A circle is a shape consisting of a curved line completely surrounding an area. Every part of the line is the same distance from the centre of the area.
  • claggy — stickily clinging, as mud

7 letter words containing cl

  • acclaim — If someone or something is acclaimed, they are praised enthusiastically.
  • acyclic — not cyclic; having an open chain structure
  • amyclas — a son of Lacedaemon and Sparta.
  • anticly — ludicrously or grotesquely
  • article — An article is a piece of writing that is published in a newspaper or magazine.

8 letter words containing cl

  • articled — In Britain, someone who is articled to a firm of lawyers or accountants is employed by the firm and is training to become qualified.
  • articles — legal training
  • aycliffe — a town in Co Durham: founded as a new town in 1947. Pop (including Newton Aycliffe): 25 655 (2001)
  • barnacle — Barnacles are small shellfish that fix themselves tightly to rocks and the bottoms of boats.
  • bicyclic — of, forming, or formed by two circles, cycles, etc

9 letter words containing cl

  • acclaimed — publicly acknowledged as excellent
  • acclimate — When you acclimate or are acclimated to a new situation, place, or climate, you become used to it.
  • acclivity — an upward slope, esp of the ground
  • acyclovir — an antiviral drug used to treat herpes. Formula: C8H11N5O3
  • adminicle — something contributing to prove a point without itself being complete proof

10 letter words containing cl

  • acclimated — Become accustomed to a new climate or to new conditions.
  • agathocles — 361–289 b.c, tyrant of Syracuse 317–289.
  • anaclastic — relating to refraction
  • anticlimax — You can describe something as an anticlimax if it disappoints you because it happens after something that was very exciting, or because it is not as exciting as you expected.
  • anticlinal — of, relating to, or resembling an anticline

11 letter words containing cl

  • acclamation — Acclamation is a noisy or enthusiastic expression of approval for someone or something.
  • acclamatory — a loud shout or other demonstration of welcome, goodwill, or approval.
  • acclimation — The process of becoming, or the state of being, acclimated, or habituated to a new climate; acclimatization.
  • acclimatise — Standard spelling of from=Non-Oxford British spelling.
  • acclimatize — When you acclimatize or are acclimatized to a new situation, place, or climate, you become used to it.

12 letter words containing cl

  • androclinium — clinandrium.
  • anorthoclase — a variety of microcline, rich in sodium and sometimes having a play of color: sometimes considered a variety of orthoclase.
  • antanaclasis — a form of speech in which a key word is repeated and used in a different, and sometimes contrary, way for a play on words, as in The craft of a politician is to appear before the public without craft.
  • anticlerical — opposed to the power and influence of the clergy, esp in politics
  • anticlotting — of a nature that prevents blood clotting

13 letter words containing cl

  • all-inclusive — All-inclusive is used to indicate that a price, especially the price of a holiday, includes all the charges and all the services offered.
  • anticlassical — against the trend of the classical period
  • anticlimactic — of, having, or like an anticlimax
  • anticlinorium — a vast elongated anticline with its strata further folded into anticlines and synclines
  • anticlockwise — If something is moving anticlockwise, it is moving in the opposite direction to the direction in which the hands of a clock move.

14 letter words containing cl

  • acleistocardia — a failure of the foramen ovale of the heart to close.
  • anti-climactic — of, like, pertaining to, or expressing anticlimax.
  • anticyclolysis — the weakening or extinction of an anticyclone.
  • back-clearance — Machinery. the gradual termination of a groove on the body of an object not ending there, as the upper termination of a flute in a twist drill. Also called back clearance. a space in a depressed area of an object into which a machine tool or grinding wheel may safely enter at the end of a pass or operation.
  • beclomethasone — a potent synthetic corticosteroid, C 28 H 37 ClO 7 , prepared as an inhalant in the treatment of bronchial asthma.

15 letter words containing cl

  • acclimatization — The act of acclimatizing; the process of inuring to a new climate, or the state of being so inured.
  • anticlericalism — opposed to the influence and activities of the clergy or the church in secular or public affairs.
  • asclepiadaceous — of, relating to, or belonging to the Asclepiadaceae, a family of mostly tropical and subtropical flowering plants, including the milkweed and swallowwort, having pollen in the form of a waxy mass (pollinium): now usually regarded as a subfamily of the Apocynaceae
  • atherosclerosis — a degenerative disease of the arteries characterized by patchy thickening of the inner lining of the arterial walls, caused by deposits of fatty material; a form of arteriosclerosis
  • cataclysmically — of, relating to, or resulting from a cataclysm.

16 letter words containing cl

  • aminocyclohexane — cyclohexylamine.
  • anticyclogenesis — the intensification or development of an anticyclone.
  • around-the-clock — all day and all night
  • arteriosclerosis — Arteriosclerosis is a medical condition in which the walls of your arteries become hard and thick, so your blood cannot flow through them properly.
  • arteriosclerotic — degenerative changes in the arteries, characterized by thickening of the vessel walls and accumulation of calcium with consequent loss of elasticity and lessened blood flow.

17 letter words containing cl

  • acromioclavicular — (anatomy) Pertaining to both the acromion and the clavicle.
  • anticlimactically — of, like, pertaining to, or expressing anticlimax.
  • baile-atha-cliath — Gaelic Baile Àtha Cliath. a seaport in and the capital of the Republic of Ireland, in the E part, on the Irish Sea.
  • buttock-clenching — making one tighten the buttocks through extreme fear or embarrassment
  • chlortetracycline — an antibiotic used in treating many bacterial and rickettsial infections: obtained from the bacterium Streptomyces aureofaciens. Formula: C22H23ClN2O8

19 letter words containing cl

  • anti-ecclesiastical — of or relating to the church or the clergy; churchly; clerical; not secular.
  • clinicopathological — of or relating to the combined study of disease symptoms and pathology.

20 letter words containing cl

  • clean-bill-of-health — a certificate, carried by a ship, attesting to the presence or absence of infectious diseases among the ship's crew and at the port from which it has come.
  • climbing-bittersweet — Also called woody nightshade. a climbing or trailing plant, Solanum dulcamara, of the nightshade family, having small, violet, star-shaped flowers with a protruding yellow center and scarlet berries.

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