Words containing cis

3 letter words containing cis

  • cis — cisgender or cissexual: He may not be macho, but he's definitely a cis male.

4 letter words containing cis

  • acis — a Sicilian shepherd and the lover of the nymph Galatea. In jealousy, Polyphemus crushed him with a huge rock, and his blood was turned by Galatea into a river
  • cis- — on this or the near side of
  • cisc — Complex Instruction Set Computer
  • cisi — (company)   A French software producer.
  • cist — a wooden box for holding ritual objects used in ancient Rome and Greece

5 letter words containing cis

  • cisco — any of various whitefish, esp Coregonus artedi, of cold deep lakes of North America
  • cissy — sissy
  • cists — Plural form of cist.

6 letter words containing cis

  • baucis — a poor peasant woman who, with her husband Philemon, was rewarded for hospitality to the disguised gods Zeus and Hermes
  • cercis — any tree or shrub of the leguminous genus Cercis, which includes the redbud and Judas tree
  • cisele — noting or pertaining to velvet having a chiseled or embossed pattern produced by contrasting cut and uncut pile.
  • cishet — noting or relating to a person who is cisgender and heterosexual.
  • ciskei — (formerly) a Bantu homeland in SE South Africa; declared independent in 1981 but this was not recognized outside South Africa; abolished in 1993. Capital: Bisho (now Bhisho)

7 letter words containing cis

  • abacist — a person skilled in using an abacus.
  • abscise — to separate or be separated by abscission
  • chalcis — a city on the island of Euboea in SE Greece, at the narrowest point of the Euripus strait: important since the 7th century bc, founding many colonies in ancient times. Pop (municipality): 55 264 (2001)
  • ciscoes — Plural form of cisco.
  • ciseaux — a jump in which the dancer's legs are opened wide in the air and closed on landing.

8 letter words containing cis

  • abscisic — Of or pertaining to abscisic acid or its derivatives. (First attested in the mid 20th century.).
  • abscisin — a plant hormone that plays a major role in adapting plants to suit different weather conditions
  • abscissa — the horizontal or x-coordinate of a point in a two-dimensional system of Cartesian coordinates. It is the distance from the y-axis measured parallel to the x-axis
  • accismus — (rhetoric) Feigning disinterest in something while actually desiring it.
  • aquacise — A type of physical exercise practiced in water mostly vertically and without swimming, typically in a swimming pool in waist deep or deeper water.

9 letter words containing cis

  • abaciscus — a tessera.
  • abscising — Present participle of abscise.
  • abscissae — (in plane Cartesian coordinates) the x-coordinate of a point: its distance from the y-axis measured parallel to the x-axis.
  • abscissas — Plural form of abscissa.
  • anglicise — (transitive) To make English, as to customs, culture, pronunciation, spelling, or style.

10 letter words containing cis

  • abscission — the separation of leaves, branches, flowers, and bark from plants by the formation of an abscission layer
  • anglicised — Made into a form similar to that used by the English.
  • antiracism — the policy of challenging racism and promoting racial tolerance
  • antiracist — a person who believes in racism, the doctrine that one's own racial group is superior or that a particular racial group is inferior to the others.
  • archaicism — an archaism

11 letter words containing cis

  • academicism — adherence to rules and traditions in art, literature, etc; conventionalism
  • agnosticism — Agnosticism is the belief that it is not possible to say definitely whether or not there is a God. Compare atheism.
  • antifascism — opposition to fascism
  • antifascist — opposed to fascism
  • apoliticism — the quality of being apolitical

12 letter words containing cis

  • aestheticism — the doctrine that aesthetic principles are of supreme importance and that works of art should be judged accordingly
  • aestheticist — a person devoted to aesthetics and the pursuit of beauty
  • anti-fascism — (sometimes initial capital letter) a governmental system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, regimenting all industry, commerce, etc., and emphasizing an aggressive nationalism and often racism.
  • chromaticism — the use of chromatic tones.
  • circumcising — Present participle of circumcise.

13 letter words containing cis

  • androdioecism — the state of being androdioecious
  • anglicisation — The process by which something or someone (usually a word) is made more English. Usually applied to language or culture.
  • antisepticise — to render antiseptic
  • antisepticism — the treatment of sepsis using antiseptics
  • apologeticism — An instance of the use of apologetics.

14 letter words containing cis

15 letter words containing cis

16 letter words containing cis

17 letter words containing cis

  • aerobic-exercises — Also called aerobic exercises. (used with a plural verb) any of various sustained exercises, as jogging, rowing, swimming, or cycling, that stimulate and strengthen the heart and lungs, thereby improving the body's utilization of oxygen.
  • anglo-catholicism — the tradition or form of worship in the Anglican Church that emphasizes Catholicity, the apostolic succession, and the continuity of all churches within the communion with pre-Reformation Christianity as well as the importance of liturgy and ritual.
  • axis-of-abscissas — x-axis (def 1).
  • neo-scholasticism — a contemporary application of Scholasticism to modern problems and life.

18 letter words containing cis

  • anti-scholasticism — narrow adherence to traditional teachings, doctrines, or methods.
  • scissors-and-paste — designating or of a piece of writing that has been assembled from a variety of sources rather than by original research, often in a hasty or uninspired way

19 letter words containing cis

  • rock-paper-scissors — a method of selecting, for example, which of two people perform a task: each person simultaneously makes one of three hand gestures representing a rock, a sheet of paper, and a pair of scissors respectively. Each gesture defeats one and is defeated by one of the other two: rock defeats scissors but is defeated by paper; paper defeats rock but is defeated by scissors. The person whose gesture defeats the other is selected

20 letter words containing cis

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