Words containing chu

3 letter words containing chu

  • chu — a river in SE Kazakhstan, flowing NE from the Tian Shan, near the Kyrgyz border, into the desert. 700 miles (1126 km) long.

4 letter words containing chu

  • chub — a common European freshwater cyprinid game fish, Leuciscus (or Squalius) cephalus, having a cylindrical dark greenish body
  • chug — When a vehicle chugs somewhere, it goes there slowly, noisily and with difficulty.
  • chum — Your chum is your friend.
  • chup — Be quiet!.
  • chur — an informal expression of agreement

5 letter words containing chu

  • buchu — any of several S African rutaceous shrubs of the genus Barosma, esp B. betulina, whose leaves are used as an antiseptic and diuretic
  • chuba — A long sheepskin coat made of thick wool worn by Tibetans.
  • chubb — a type of patent lock containing a device that sets the bolt immovably if the lock is picked
  • chubs — Plural form of chub.
  • chuck — When you chuck something somewhere, you throw it there in a casual or careless way.

6 letter words containing chu

  • bochum — an industrial city in NW Germany, in W North Rhine-Westphalia: university (1965). Pop: 387 283 (2003 est)
  • chubby — A chubby person is rather fat.
  • chubut — a river in SW Argentina, in the Andes, flowing E to the Atlantic Ocean. 500 miles (805 km) long.
  • chucks — Plural form of chuck.
  • chucky — a chicken; fowl.

7 letter words containing chu

  • anchusa — any Eurasian plant of the boraginaceous genus Anchusa, having rough hairy stems and leaves and blue flowers
  • bacchus — (in ancient Greece and Rome) a god of wine and giver of ecstasy, identified with Dionysus
  • catchup — ketchup
  • catechu — a water-soluble astringent resinous substance obtained from any of certain tropical plants, esp the leguminous tree Acacia catechu of S Asia, and used in medicine, tanning, and dyeing
  • chuchow — Zhuzhou

8 letter words containing chu

  • alchuine — (Ealhwine Flaccus) a.d. 735–804, English theologian and scholar: teacher and adviser of Charlemagne.
  • anchusin — alkanet (sense 1) alkanet (sense 1c)
  • bechuana — a former name for a member of the Bantu people of Botswana
  • branchus — a son of Apollo, given the power of augury by his father.
  • brochure — A brochure is a magazine or thin book with pictures that gives you information about a product or service.

9 letter words containing chu

  • antiochus — name of thirteen kings of the Seleucid dynasty of Syria
  • changchun — a city in NE China, capital of Jilin province: as Hsinking, capital of the Japanese state of Manchukuo (1932–45). Pop: 3 092 000 (2005 est)
  • chuanchow — a seaport in SE Fujian province, in SE China, on Taiwan Strait.
  • chubbiest — Superlative form of chubby.
  • chuckhole — a pothole

10 letter words containing chu

  • antichurch — opposed to the beliefs, practices, and adherents of the Christian church
  • antilochus — a son of Nestor and a trusted friend of Achilles.
  • antimachus — Also called the Colophonian. flourished c410 b.c, Greek poet.
  • catechumen — a person, esp in the early Church, undergoing instruction prior to baptism
  • chuang-tzu — Also, Chwang-tse. (Chuang Chow) flourished 4th century b.c, Chinese mystic and philosopher.

11 letter words containing chu

  • amphilochus — a seer, the son of Amphiaraus and Eriphyle, and the brother of Alcmaeon.
  • anti-church — a building for public Christian worship.
  • archilochus — 7th century bc, Greek poet of Paros, notable for using his own experience as subject matter
  • aristarchus — a crater in the NE quadrant of the moon, having a diameter of about 37 kilometres, which is the brightest formation on the moon
  • callimachus — late 5th century bc, Greek sculptor, reputed to have invented the Corinthian capital

12 letter words containing chu

  • bechuanaland — former British territory (1884-1966) in S Africa: now the country of Botswana
  • brochureware — (jargon, business)   A planned, but non-existent, product, like vaporware but with the added implication that marketing is actively selling and promoting it (they've printed brochures). Brochureware is often deployed to con customers into not committing to a competing existing product. The term is now especially applicable to new websites, website revisions, and ancillary services such as customer support and product return. Owing to the explosion of database-driven, cookie-using dot-coms (of the sort that can now deduce that you are, in fact, a dog), the term is now also used to describe sites made up of static HTML pages that contain not much more than contact info and mission statements. The term suggests that the company is small, irrelevant to the web, local in scope, clueless, broke, just starting out, or some combination thereof. Many new companies without product, funding, or even staff, post brochureware with investor info and press releases to help publicise their ventures. As of December 1999, examples include pop.com and cdradio.com. Small-timers that really have no business on the web such as lawncare companies and divorce laywers inexplicably have brochureware made that stays unchanged for years.
  • catechumenal — Ecclesiastical. a person under instruction in the rudiments of Christianity, as in the early church; a neophyte.
  • christchurch — a city in New Zealand, on E South Island: manufacturing centre of a rich agricultural region; suffered major damage and loss of life in a series of earthquakes in 2010–11. Pop: 366 000 (2013 est)
  • chuck-a-luck — a gambling game in which players bet on the way three dice, contained in an hourglass-shaped cage, will fall when the cage is pivoted

13 letter words containing chu

  • catechumenate — Ecclesiastical. a person under instruction in the rudiments of Christianity, as in the early church; a neophyte.
  • chuckleheaded — a stupid person; blockhead.
  • churchmanship — The craft or skill of being a churchman. (from 17th c.).
  • churchpersons — Plural form of churchperson.
  • churchwardens — Plural form of churchwarden.

14 letter words containing chu

  • catechumenship — the office or position of a catechumen
  • drag-parachute — Also called drogue. a small parachute that deploys first in order to pull a larger parachute from its pack.
  • nonchurchgoing — Not attending church.
  • schumann-heinkErnestine, 1861–1936, U.S. contralto, born in Bohemia.

15 letter words containing chu

  • church-calendar — a calendar based on the lunisolar cycle, used by many Christian churches in determining the dates for the movable feasts.
  • churrigueresque — of or relating to a style of baroque architecture of Spain in the late 17th and early 18th centuries
  • chute-the-chute — an amusement-park ride with a steep slide, often into a pool of water
  • ornithorhynchus — the platypus.
  • shoot-the-chute — a fairground ride consisting of a boat which slides down into a lagoon

16 letter words containing chu

18 letter words containing chu

22 letter words containing chu

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