Words containing choir

5 letter words containing choir

  • choir — A choir is a group of people who sing together, for example in a church or school.

6 letter words containing choir

  • choirs — Plural form of choir.

7 letter words containing choir

  • pochoir — a print made from stencils

8 letter words containing choir

  • choirboy — A choirboy is a boy who sings in a church choir.
  • choirman — a man who is a singer in a choir
  • mouchoir — a handkerchief.

9 letter words containing choir

  • antechoir — the part of a church in front of the choir, usually enclosed by screens, tombs, etc
  • choir-boy — a boy who sings in a choir, especially a church choir.
  • choirboys — Plural form of choirboy.
  • choirgirl — a girl who sings in a church choir
  • forechoir — antechoir.

10 letter words containing choir

  • choirgirls — Plural form of choirgirl.
  • choirstall — one of the benches for the choir of a church, cathedral, etc
  • retrochoir — that part of a church behind the choir or the main altar.

11 letter words containing choir

  • choirmaster — A choirmaster is a person whose job is to train a choir.
  • choirstalls — fixed seats in the choir of a church, generally of carved wood

12 letter words containing choir

  • choir-screen — a partition or a screen in a church that acts as a divide between the choir and the aisles
  • choirmasters — Plural form of choirmaster.

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