Words containing chiva

7 letter words containing chiva

8 letter words containing chiva

  • archival — Archival means belonging or relating to archives.
  • chivalry — Chivalry is polite, kind, and unselfish behaviour, especially by men towards women.
  • chivaree — shivaree.

9 letter words containing chiva

  • chivalric — Chivalric means relating to or connected with the system of chivalry that was believed in and followed by medieval knights.

10 letter words containing chiva

  • chivalries — Plural form of chivalry.
  • chivalrous — A chivalrous man is polite, kind, and unselfish, especially towards women.

11 letter words containing chiva

  • chichivache — (in early English literature) a mythical animal, usually depicted as a cow verging on starvation, that existed solely by devouring virtuous women.

12 letter words containing chiva

  • chivalrously — having the qualities of chivalry, as courage, courtesy, and loyalty.
  • unchivalrous — having the qualities of chivalry, as courage, courtesy, and loyalty.

14 letter words containing chiva

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