Words containing chiti

6 letter words containing chiti

  • chitin — a polysaccharide that is the principal component of the exoskeletons of arthropods and of the bodies of fungi

8 letter words containing chiti

9 letter words containing chiti

  • chitinase — (enzyme) Any enzyme that hydrolyzes chitin.
  • chitinous — a nitrogen-containing polysaccharide, related chemically to cellulose, that forms a semitransparent horny substance and is a principal constituent of the exoskeleton, or outer covering, of insects, crustaceans, and arachnids.
  • conchitis — inflammation of the outer ear

10 letter words containing chiti

  • bronchitic — acute or chronic inflammation of the membrane lining of the bronchial tubes, caused by respiratory infection or exposure to bronchial irritants, as cigarette smoke.
  • bronchitis — Bronchitis is an illness like a very bad cough, in which your bronchial tubes become sore and infected.

12 letter words containing chiti

24 letter words containing chiti

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