Words containing chipp

6 letter words containing chipp

  • chippy — A chippy is the same as a chip shop.

7 letter words containing chipp

  • chipped — damaged by having a small piece broken off
  • chipper — Chipper means cheerful and lively.
  • chippie — Also, chippie. Slang. a promiscuous woman. a prostitute.

8 letter words containing chipp

  • chippage — the fact or an instance of chipping: The pottery could not be insured against chippage.
  • chippers — to chirp or twitter.
  • chippewa — Ojibwa
  • chippies — Plural form of chippy.
  • chipping — a short chirping or squeaking cry.

9 letter words containing chipp

  • chippable — having the ability to be reduced to small pieces
  • chippered — to chirp or twitter.
  • chippeway — Chippewa.
  • chippings — Wood chippings or stone chippings are small pieces of wood or stone which are used, for example, to cover surfaces such as paths or roads.
  • chipproof — resistant to chipping.

10 letter words containing chipp

  • chippering — Present participle of chipper.
  • rechipping — action of changing the electronic identity of a stolen mobile phone
  • schipperke — one of a Belgian breed of small dogs having erect ears and a thick, black coat, originally used as a watchdog on boats in the Netherlands and Belgium.

11 letter words containing chipp

  • chippendale — Chippendale is a style of furniture from the eighteenth century.
  • woodchipper — a motor-driven machine that cuts wood into chips.

12 letter words containing chipp

13 letter words containing chipp

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