Words containing channe

7 letter words containing channe

  • channel — A channel is a television station.
  • channer — a mumble or murmur

8 letter words containing channe

  • channels — Plural form of channel.
  • channery — an accumulation of thin, flat, coarse fragments of sandstone, limestone, or schist with diameters up to 6 inches (15 cm): used in Scotland and Ireland for gravel.

9 letter words containing channe

  • channeled — the bed of a stream, river, or other waterway.
  • channeler — a person or thing that channels; specif., a medium (sense 7)
  • rechannel — to guide (something) into or convey (something) through a channel or channels again or in a new way

10 letter words containing channe

  • channeling — esp. in some New Age beliefs, the process by which a person becomes a conduit for a deceased person, as someone from an ancient culture, who imparts information about a previous life
  • channelise — Alternative form of channelize.
  • channelize — to guide through or as if through a channel; provide a channel for
  • channelled — the bed of a stream, river, or other waterway.
  • channeller — Alternative spelling of channeler.

11 letter words containing channe

  • backchannel — an unofficial or covert means of conveying information, originally or esp in political or diplomatic circles
  • channel-hop — to change television channels repeatedly using a remote control device
  • channelbill — a large, gray Australian cuckoo, Scythrops novaehollandiae, with a grooved bill.
  • channelised — Simple past tense and past participle of channelise.
  • channelized — Simple past tense and past participle of channelize.

12 letter words containing channe

  • channel-surf — to switch TV channels repeatedly using a remote-control device, usually so as to sample brief segments of programs
  • channelising — Present participle of channelise.
  • channelizing — Present participle of channelize.
  • four-channel — Audio. quadraphonic.
  • interchannel — occurring or existing between two or more channels

13 letter words containing channe

  • cross-channel — Cross-Channel travel is travel across the English Channel, especially by boat.

14 letter words containing channe

15 letter words containing channe

  • channel-hopping — Channel-hopping means switching quickly between different television channels because you are looking for something interesting to watch.
  • channel-surfing — Channel-surfing is the same as channel-hopping.
  • multi-channeled — the bed of a stream, river, or other waterway.

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