Words containing chang

5 letter words containing chang

  • chang — largest river and chief commercial highway of China, flowing from Tibet into the East China Sea near Shanghai: 3,964 mi (6,379 km)

6 letter words containing chang

  • changa — an expression of approval or agreement
  • change — If there is a change in something, it becomes different.
  • changs — Plural form of chang.
  • ichang — Wade-Giles. Yichang.

7 letter words containing chang

  • changan — former name of Xian.
  • changde — a port in SE central China, in N Hunan province, near the mouth of the Yuan River: severely damaged by the Japanese in World War II. Pop: 1 483 000 (2005 est)
  • changed — Simple past tense and past participle of change.
  • changer — a person or thing that changes something
  • changes — to make the form, nature, content, future course, etc., of (something) different from what it is or from what it would be if left alone: to change one's name; to change one's opinion; to change the course of history.

8 letter words containing chang

  • changers — Plural form of changer.
  • changeth — (archaic) Third-person singular present simple form of 'change'.
  • changeup — Alternative form of change-up.
  • changhua — city in W Taiwan: pop. 186,000
  • changing — not remaining the same; transient

9 letter words containing chang

  • archangel — In the Jewish, Christian, and Muslim religions, an archangel is an angel of the highest rank.
  • changable — Misspelling of changeable.
  • changchou — Changzhou
  • changchow — a city in S Fujian province, in SE China.
  • changchun — a city in NE China, capital of Jilin province: as Hsinking, capital of the Japanese state of Manchukuo (1932–45). Pop: 3 092 000 (2005 est)

10 letter words containing chang

  • antichange — Opposing change.
  • archangels — Plural form of archangel.
  • changeable — Someone or something that is changeable is likely to change many times.
  • changeably — liable to change or to be changed; variable.
  • changeless — unchanging; immutable

11 letter words containing chang

  • archangelic — Theology. a chief or principal angel; in medieval angelology one of the nine orders of celestial attendants on God. Compare angel (def 1).
  • autochanger — a device in a record player or CD player that enables a small stack of records or CDs to be dropped automatically onto the turntable or player tray one at a time and played separately
  • changefully — In a changeful manner.
  • changelings — Plural form of changeling.
  • changemaker — a person or thing that changes bills or coins for ones of smaller denominations.

12 letter words containing chang

13 letter words containing chang

14 letter words containing chang

15 letter words containing chang

  • exchangeability — The condition of being exchangeable.
  • interchangeable — (of two things) capable of being put or used in the place of each other: interchangeable symbols.
  • interchangeably — (of two things) capable of being put or used in the place of each other: interchangeable symbols.
  • interchangement — the act of interchanging
  • nonexchangeable — capable of being exchanged.

18 letter words containing chang

  • interchangeability — (of two things) capable of being put or used in the place of each other: interchangeable symbols.
  • noninterchangeable — That cannot be interchanged with another.

19 letter words containing chang

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