9-letter words containing bu

  • a bum rap — If you say that someone has gotten a bum rap, you mean that they have been treated unfairly or punished unfairly.
  • a bursary — the higher of two bursaries available for students entering university, polytechnic, etc
  • abu dhabi — a sheikhdom (emirate) of SE Arabia, on the S coast of the Persian Gulf: the chief sheikhdom and capital of the United Arab Emirates, consisting principally of the port of Abu Dhabi and a desert hinterland; contains major oilfields. Pop: 476 000 (2005 est). Area: 67 350 sq km (25 998 sq miles)
  • abuilding — in the process of being built or building
  • abundance — An abundance of something is a large quantity of it.
  • abundancy — A state of plentifulness. (First attested in the mid 16th century.).
  • abundaunt — Obsolete form of abundant.
  • abusement — Abuse; one or many acts of abuse.
  • abusively — using, containing, or characterized by harshly or coarsely insulting language: an abusive author; abusive remarks.
  • abutments — Plural form of abutment.
  • ad verbum — word for word; verbatim
  • airbursts — Plural form of airburst.
  • albucasis — Abu al-Qāsim
  • albuginea — (anatomy) A layer of white, fibrous tissue.
  • alburnous — relating to alburnum
  • albuterol — a bronchodilator used by sufferers of asthma, emphysema, and other lung conditions, to treat symptoms such as wheezing or shortness of breath
  • aldeburgh — a small resort in SE England, in Suffolk: site of an annual music festival established in 1948 by Benjamin Britten. Pop: 2654 (2001)
  • ambulacra — Plural form of ambulacrum.
  • ambulance — An ambulance is a vehicle for taking people to and from hospital.
  • ambulante — a portable tea table, used in 18th-century France.
  • ambulated — Simple past tense and past participle of ambulate.
  • ambulates — Third-person singular simple present indicative form of ambulate.
  • ambulator — a person who walks
  • ambulette — a motor vehicle designed for transporting disabled people
  • ambuscade — an ambush
  • ambuscado — an ambush
  • ambushing — an act or instance of lying concealed so as to attack by surprise: The highwaymen waited in ambush near the road.
  • antiabuse — designed to prevent abuse
  • antibully — Intended to counter bullying.
  • antibuser — someone who opposes busing
  • arbuthnot — John. 1667–1735, Scottish physician and satirist: author of The History of John Bull (1712) and, with others, of the Memoirs of Martinus Scriblerus (1741)
  • arbutuses — Plural form of arbutus.
  • arquebuse — A sort of trigger-based handgun or firearm, by which a burning match was applied, from which the musket was derived.
  • ashburton1st Baron, Baring, Alexander.
  • ashtabula — a port in NE Ohio, on Lake Erie.
  • attribute — If you attribute something to an event or situation, you think that it was caused by that event or situation.
  • aylesbury — a town in SE central England, administrative centre of Buckinghamshire. Pop: 69 021 (2001)
  • b bursary — the lower of two bursaries available for students entering university, polytechnic, etc
  • babushkas — Plural form of babushka.
  • baby bump — the rounded abdominal area of a pregnant woman: She's delighted to be pregnant, and loves showing off her baby bump.
  • bandobust — (in India and Pakistan) an arrangement
  • battlebus — the coach that transports politicians and their advisers round the country during an election campaign
  • beach bum — If you refer to someone as a beach bum, you mean that they spend a lot of time enjoying themselves on the beach or in the sea.
  • beelzebub — a god of the Philistines (2 Kings 1:2)
  • beer bust — an occasion on which a lot of beer is drunk
  • bell buoy — a navigational buoy fitted with a bell, the clapper of which strikes when the waves move the buoy
  • bendy bus — an articulated bus
  • big bucks — If someone earns or spends big bucks, they earn or spend a lot of money.
  • bilobular — having two lobules
  • black bun — a very rich dark fruitcake, usually in a pastry case

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