12-letter words containing bu

  • abu al-qāsim — (L. name Albucasis) 936?-1013?; Arab surgeon & medical encyclopedist, in Spain
  • afterburners — Plural form of afterburner.
  • afterburning — a process in which additional fuel is ignited in the exhaust gases of a jet engine to produce additional thrust
  • agribusiness — Agribusiness is the various businesses that produce, sell, and distribute farm products, especially on a large scale.
  • agrobusiness — the businesses collectively associated with the production, processing, and distribution of agricultural products.
  • albumenizing — Present participle of albumenize.
  • albuminoidal — (chemistry) Of the nature of an albuminoid.
  • aliasing bug — stale pointer bug
  • ambulanceman — An ambulanceman is a man who drives an ambulance or takes care of people in an ambulance on the way to hospital.
  • ambulatories — Plural form of ambulatory.
  • ambulatorily — By or in terms of walking.
  • amfebutamone — (former name) The drug bupropion.
  • aminobutyric — (organic chemistry) Of or pertaining to any of several isomeric univalent radicals in which a hydrogen atom of a butyric radical is replaced by an amino group.
  • antibullying — Opposed to or acting against bullying.
  • antiburglary — intended to prevent burglary
  • antibusiness — opposed to business interests, particularly those of large-scale corporations
  • antiglobulin — a serum containing an antibody specific to an immunoglobulin
  • anything but — You use anything but in expressions such as anything but quiet and anything but attractive to emphasize that something is not the case.
  • apple butter — a jam made from stewed spiced apples
  • arquebusiers — harquebusier.
  • assassin bug — any long-legged predatory, often blood-sucking, insect of the heteropterous family Reduviidae
  • attributable — If something is attributable to an event, situation, or person, it is likely that it was caused by that event, situation or person.
  • attributions — Plural form of attribution.
  • axillary bud — a bud that is borne at the axil of a leaf and is capable of developing into a branch shoot or flower cluster.
  • banbury cake — a cake consisting of a pastry base filled with currants, raisins, candied peel, and sugar, with a crisscross pattern on the top
  • banbury tart — a tart filled with a lemon-flavored mixture of currants, raisins, or the like.
  • base bullion — smelted lead containing impurities, as gold, silver, or zinc, that are later removed.
  • bayonet bulb — an electric light bulb which is inserted into the socket against spring pressure and turned so that pins on its side engage in slots in the socket
  • belly button — Your belly button is the small round thing in the centre of your stomach.
  • belly-buster — belly flop.
  • big business — Big business is business which involves very large companies and very large sums of money.
  • billie burkeBillie (Mary William Ethelbert Appleton Burke) 1886–1970, U.S. actress.
  • black butter — beurre noir.
  • blockbusting — A blockbusting film or book is one that is very successful, usually because it is very exciting.
  • boatbuilding — Boatbuilding is the craft or industry of making boats.
  • bodybuilding — Bodybuilding is the activity of doing special exercises regularly in order to make your muscles grow bigger.
  • book burning — the destruction of writings of which the subject, the view of the author, or the like is considered politically or socially objectionable: used as a means of censorship or oppression.
  • boom-or-bust — boom-and-bust.
  • broncobuster — (in the western US and Canada) a cowboy who breaks in broncos or wild horses
  • brown butter — beurre noir.
  • bubble dance — a solo dance by a nude or nearly nude woman, as in a burlesque show, using one or more balloons for covering.
  • bubble float — a hollow spherical float that can be weighted with water to aid casting
  • bubble point — the temperature at which bubbles just start to appear in a heated liquid mixture
  • bubble under — to remain just beneath a particular level
  • bubblegummer — a young teenager; adolescent.
  • buccaneering — If you describe someone as buccaneering, you mean that they enjoy being involved in risky or even dishonest activities, especially in order to make money.
  • buccaneerish — of or relating to a buccaneer
  • buccolingual — of or relating to the cheek and tongue.
  • buck private — a common soldier
  • buck's party — a party for men only, esp one held for a man before he is married

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