Words containing bant

4 letter words containing bant

5 letter words containing bant

  • bants — to lose weight by practicing Bantingism.
  • bantu — Bantu means belonging or relating to a group of peoples in central and southern Africa. This use could cause offence.
  • banty — a person resembling such a bird, namely short and often aggressive
  • bantz — Alternate spelling of bants.

6 letter words containing bant

  • bantam — A bantam is a breed of small chicken.
  • banted — to lose weight by practicing Bantingism.
  • banter — Banter is teasing or joking talk that is amusing and friendly.
  • libant — touching lightly

7 letter words containing bant

  • bantams — Plural form of bantam.
  • banteng — a species of wild ox found in SE Asia
  • banters — Third-person singular simple present indicative form of banter.
  • banting — slimming by avoiding eating sugar, starch, and fat
  • bantock — Sir Granville. 1868–1946, British composer. His works include the Hebridean Symphony (1915), five ballets, and three operas

8 letter words containing bant

  • bantengs — Plural form of banteng.
  • bantered — Simple past tense and past participle of banter.
  • banterer — One who banters.
  • bantingsSir Frederick Grant, 1891–1941, Canadian physician: one of the discoverers of insulin; Nobel Prize 1923.
  • bantling — a young child; brat

9 letter words containing bant

  • absorbant — Alternative spelling of absorbent.
  • adsorbant — Adsorbent.
  • anabantid — any of various spiny-finned fishes constituting the family Anabantidae and including the fighting fish, climbing perch, and gourami
  • bantering — teasing or facetious, or characterized by facetiousness
  • bantustan — (formerly, in South Africa) an area reserved for occupation by a Black African people, with limited self-government; abolished in 1993

10 letter words containing bant

  • bantingism — a fat-reducing diet invented by William Banting, involving high protein intake, and low fat and carbohydrate intake
  • bantustans — Plural form of bantustan.
  • corybantic — frenzied; agitated; unrestrained.
  • disturbant — having a disturbing effect, disquieting
  • perturbant — a thing that causes perturbance

11 letter words containing bant

  • banteringly — in a bantering fashion
  • corybantism — a delirium characterized by vivid frightening hallucinations and causing insomnia

12 letter words containing bant

  • bantamweight — A bantamweight is a boxer who weighs between 51 and 53.5 kilograms, or a wrestler who weighs between 52 and 57 kilograms. A bantamweight is heavier than a flyweight but lighter than a featherweight.
  • noordbrabant — North Brabant
  • subantarctic — of, pertaining to, similar to, or being the region immediately north of the Antarctic Circle; subpolar.

13 letter words containing bant

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