15-letter words containing ban

  • absorption band — a dark band in the absorption spectrum of a substance, corresponding to a range of wavelengths for which the substance absorbs more strongly than at adjacent wavelengths.
  • albany congress — a meeting of delegates from seven American colonies, held in 1754 at Albany, New York, at which Benjamin Franklin proposed a plan (Albany Plan of Union) for unifying the colonies.
  • arthur brisbaneArthur, 1864–1936, U.S. journalist.
  • banana republic — Small, poor countries that are politically unstable are sometimes referred to as banana republics.
  • banded anteater — an Australian marsupial, Myrmecobius fasciatus, feeding on termites and having the body marked with whitish transverse bars: nearly extinct.
  • bandpass filter — A bandpass filter is a filter designed to pass all frequencies within a band of frequencies.
  • bandstop filter — A bandstop filter is a filter designed to eliminate all frequencies within a band of frequencies.
  • bangtail muster — a roundup of cattle to be counted, each one having the hairs on its tail docked as it is counted
  • bank acceptance — a bill of exchange or draft drawn on and endorsed by a bank
  • bank of england — the central bank of the United Kingdom, which acts as banker to the government and the commercial banks. It is responsible for managing the government's debt and implementing its policy on other monetary matters: established in 1694, nationalized in 1946; in 1997 the government restored the authority to set interest rates to the Bank
  • banking product — one of the various services offered by a bank to its customers: mortgages, loans, insurance etc
  • banner headline — A banner headline is a large headline in a newspaper that stretches across the front page.
  • banqueting hall — a large building or room used for feasts
  • banyana banyana — the South Africa women's national soccer team
  • big bang theory — In astronomy the big bang theory is a theory that suggests that the universe was created as a result of an extremely large explosion.
  • chromosome band — any of the transverse bands that appear on a chromosome after staining. The banding pattern is unique to each type of chromosome, allowing characterization
  • collecting bank — a bank that collects money from the account of the writer of a cheque on behalf of the person who has deposited the cheque into the bank
  • commercial bank — a bank primarily concerned with accepting demand deposits, used as checking accounts
  • cuban solenodon — a rare shrewlike nocturnal mammal of the Caribbean, Atopogale cubana, having a long hairless tail and an elongated snout: family Solenodontidae, order Insectivora (insectivores)
  • feather banding — decorative banding of veneer or inlay having the grain laid diagonally to the grain of the principal surface.
  • flemish brabant — a province of central Belgium, formed in 1995 from the N part of Brabant province: densely populated and intensively farmed, with large industrial centres. Pop: 1 031 904 (2004 est). Area: 2106 sq km (813 sq miles)
  • investment bank — a financial institution that deals chiefly in the underwriting of new securities.
  • knight banneret — banneret1 (def 2).
  • low bandwidth x — (networking)   (LBX) An implementation of the X Window System designed to improve performance over ISDN, WAN, and serial lines.
  • mechanical bank — a toy bank in which a coin is deposited by a mechanical process that is usually activated by pushing a lever.
  • merchant banker — A merchant banker is someone who works for a merchant bank.
  • notour bankrupt — a bankrupt who has failed to discharge his or her debts within the days of grace allowed by the court
  • octanitrocubane — (organic compound) A high explosive derived from cubane.
  • regimental band — a band made up of a military formation varying in size from a battalion to a number of battalions
  • riverbank grape — a high-climbing vine, Vitis riparia, of eastern North America, having fragrant flowers and nearly black fruit.
  • roger bannister — Sir Roger (Gilbert) born 1929, English track and field athlete: first to run a mile in less than four minutes.
  • self-banishment — to expel from or relegate to a country or place by authoritative decree; condemn to exile: He was banished to Devil's Island.
  • selfabandonment — absence or lack of personal restraint.
  • single-sideband — of or pertaining to a system of radio transmission in which one of the two sidebands produced during modulation is suppressed
  • spotted cowbane — a North American water hemlock, Cicuta maculata, of the parsley family, having a purple-mottled stem, white flowers, and deadly poisonous, tuberlike roots.
  • suburbanization — to give suburban characteristics to: to suburbanize a rural area.
  • test ban treaty — a treaty which bans nations testing some or all types of nuclear weapons
  • thiocarbanilide — a gray powder, C 13 H 12 N 2 S, used as an intermediate in dyes and as an accelerator in vulcanization.
  • urban guerrilla — a member of any underground political group engaged in terrorism or violence in urban areas, especially during the 1970s.
  • urban migration — the process of people moving from rural areas to cities
  • urban sociology — the sociological study of cities and their role in the development of society.
  • walloon brabant — a province of central Belgium, formed in 1995 from the S part of Brabant province: densely populated and intensively farmed, with large industrial centres. Pop: 360 717 (2004 est). Area: 1091 sq km (421 sq miles)
  • wedding banquet — a lavish meal served after a wedding ceremony

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