14-letter words containing ban

  • ban-the-bomber — a person who vigorously advocates banning the development or use of nuclear weapons.
  • banach algebra — (mathematics)   An algebra in which the vector space is a Banach space.
  • banana problem — (programming, humour)   From the story of the little girl who said "I know how to spell "banana", but I don't know when to stop". Not knowing where or when to bring a production to a close (compare fencepost error). One may say "there is a banana problem" of an algorithm with poorly defined or incorrect termination conditions, or in discussing the evolution of a design that may be succumbing to featuritis (see also creeping elegance, creeping featuritis).
  • bancroft prize — one of a group of annual awards for literary achievement in American history and biography: administered by Columbia University.
  • bandar lampung — a port in Indonesia, in S Sumatra on the Sunda Strait; formed by merging the cities of Tanjungkarang and Telukbetung, and sometimes still referred to as Tanjungkarang-Telukbetung. Pop: 742 749 (2000)
  • bang to rights — caught red-handed
  • bang's disease — a type of infectious brucellosis affecting cattle, caused by a bacterium (Brucella abortus) and often resulting in abortion
  • bank annuities — British government bonds; consols
  • bank statement — A bank statement is a printed document showing all the money paid into and taken out of a bank account. Bank statements are usually sent by a bank to a customer at regular intervals.
  • banker's check — cashier's check.
  • banker's draft — A banker's draft is the same as a bank draft.
  • banker's order — pay order, banker's cheque
  • break the bank — to ruin financially or deplete the resources of a bank (as in gambling)
  • casino banking — an approach to banking which risks losing investors' money in the quest for maximizing profits
  • chartered bank — a privately owned bank that has been incorporated by Parliament to operate in the commercial banking system
  • chinese banana — a large southern Chinese plant, Musa acuminata, of the banana family, having blue-green leaves, yellowish-white flowers with reddish-brown bracts, and fragrant, edible, curved fruit from 4 to 5 inches (10 to 13 cm) long, often borne in clusters of 200.
  • citizens' band — Citizens' Band is a range of radio frequencies which the general public is allowed to use to send messages to each other and is used especially by truck drivers in their vehicles. The abbreviation CB is often used.
  • contrabandists — Plural form of contrabandist.
  • cuban sandwich — a hero sandwich, especially with ham, pork, cheese, and pickles, often grilled.
  • custodian bank — A custodian bank is a bank that holds customer assets in safety.
  • daisy fleabane — a North American composite plant, Erigeron annuus, having hairy stems and numerous, small, daisylike flowers with narrow white rays.
  • deurbanization — to divest (a city or locality) of urban characteristics.
  • dogbane family — the plant family Apocynaceae, characterized by shrubs, trees, and herbaceous plants having milky and often poisonous juice, simple opposite leaves, often showy flowers, and fruit usually in dry pods, and including the dogbane, oleander, periwinkle, and plumeria.
  • frequency band — band2 (def 9).
  • hastings banda — Hastings Kamuzu [kah-moo-zoo] /kɑˈmu zu/ (Show IPA), 1906–97, Malawi physician, political leader, and public official: 1st president of Malawi 1966–94.
  • interbank rate — The interbank rate is the interest rate that banks charge each other.
  • lake bangweulu — a shallow lake in NE Zambia, discovered by David Livingstone, who died there in 1873. Area: about 9850 sq km (3800 sq miles), including swamps
  • leopard's-bane — any composite plant of the genus Doronicum, of Europe and Asia, having alternate, usually clasping leaves and heads of yellow flowers.
  • living bandage — a method of treating severe burns or other skin injuries in which cultured cells grown from a sample of the patient's own skin are applied to the wound in order to stimulate new cell growth and avoid problems of graft rejection
  • louangphrabang — a city in N Laos, on the Mekong River: former royal capital.
  • lower sideband — the frequency band below the carrier frequency, within which fall the spectral components produced by modulation of a carrier wave
  • non-contraband — anything prohibited by law from being imported or exported.
  • orobanchaceous — belonging to the Orobanchaceae, the broomrape family of plants.
  • retail banking — banking for individual customers
  • roller bandage — a long bandage rolled into a cylinder
  • russet burbank — a brown-skinned, oblong potato having a mealy flesh with high starch content.
  • self-abandoned — lacking self-control; giving in to one's impulses.
  • south suburban — a city in SE West Bengal, in E India: a suburb of Calcutta.
  • telephone bank — an array of telephones used in large-scale telephoning operations, as for a political campaign.
  • tensor bandage — a wide elasticized bandage that supports injured joints
  • universal bank — A universal bank is a bank that offers both banking and stockbroking services to its clients.
  • upper sideband — the frequency band above the carrier frequency, within which fall the spectral components produced by modulation of a carrier wave
  • urban clearway — a stretch of road in an urban area on which motorists may stop only in an emergency
  • urban district — a minor administrative division in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland, with local self-government by a district council, but lacking the charter of a borough.
  • urban planning — the planning and design of urban areas
  • urbanistically — of or relating to urbanism.

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