Words containing atf

3 letter words containing atf

  • atf — Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms

4 letter words containing atf

  • atfs — Attributed File System

6 letter words containing atf

  • hatful — The amount that will fit into a hat.
  • natfhe — National Association of Teachers in Further and Higher Education
  • ratfiv — (language)   An enhancement to the RATFOR programming language, developed by Bill Wood while at the Institute for Cancer Research (Philadelphia PA, now the Fox Chase Cancer Center) in 1980-1981. RATFIV was released on several DECUS (Digital Equipment Corporation User's Group) tapes for VAX/VMS. Among its enhancements were: optional Fortan 77 output, an enhanced Format statement and enhanced macros.
  • ratfor — RATional Fortran
  • vatful — an amount sufficient to fill a vat

7 letter words containing atf

  • batfish — any angler of the family Ogcocephalidae, having a flattened scaleless body and moving on the sea floor by means of fleshy pectoral and pelvic fins
  • batfowl — to catch birds by temporarily blinding them with light
  • boatful — an amount or number that could be carried by a boat
  • catface — the deformity of the surface of a tree trunk which has been caused by fire or disease
  • catfall — the line used in a cat

8 letter words containing atf

  • catfight — A catfight is an angry fight or quarrel, especially between women.
  • chatfest — (informal) A talkfest.
  • flatfish — any fish of the order Heterosomata (Pleuronectiformes), including the halibut, sole, flounder, etc., having a greatly compressed body and swimming on one side, with both eyes on the upper side in the adult.
  • flatfoot — Pathology. a condition in which the arch of the foot is flattened so that the entire sole rests upon the ground. Also, flat foot. a foot with such an arch.
  • flatform — A type of shoe with a flat, platform sole.

9 letter words containing atf

  • catfacing — a disorder that causes scarring of tomatoes
  • catfights — Plural form of catfight.
  • catfished — Simple past tense and past participle of catfish.
  • catfishes — Plural form of catfish.
  • catfooted — having feet resembling those of a cat.

10 letter words containing atf

  • batfowling — A method of catching birds at night, by holding a torch or other light, and beating the bush or perch where they roost so that the birds fly towards the light.
  • catfishing — Present participle of catfish.
  • flatfooted — having flatfeet.
  • goatfishes — Plural form of goatfish.
  • pratfallen — having fallen upon one's buttocks

11 letter words containing atf

  • intreatfull — full of entreaty
  • no-platform — to deny (a person) the opportunity to speak in a political debate or forum
  • platforming — a process for reforming petroleum using a platinum catalyst

13 letter words containing atf

  • multiplatform — Compatible with or involving more than one type of computer or operating system.

14 letter words containing atf

  • cross-platform — (software, hardware)   A term that describes a language, software application or hardware device that works on more than one system platform (e.g. Unix, Microsoft Windows, Macintosh). E.g. Netscape Navigator, Java.

16 letter words containing atf

  • platform-balance — a scale with a platform for holding the items to be weighed.

17 letter words containing atf

  • stratford-on-avon — a town in SW Warwickshire, in central England, on the Avon River: birthplace and burial place of Shakespeare.

19 letter words containing atf

  • stratford-upon-avon — town in S Warwickshire, England, on the Avon: birthplace & burial place of Shakespeare: pop. of county district (called Stratford-on-Avon) 106,000

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