Words containing astri

6 letter words containing astri

  • astrid — a female given name: from Scandinavian, meaning “divine strength.”.

7 letter words containing astri

  • astrict — to bind, confine, or constrict
  • astride — If you sit or stand astride something, you sit or stand with one leg on each side of it.
  • gastric — pertaining to the stomach.
  • gastrin — a hormone that stimulates the secretion of gastric juice.
  • shastri — Lal Bahadur [lahl bah-hah-doo r] /lɑl bɑˈhɑ dʊər/ (Show IPA), 1904–66, Indian statesman: prime minister 1964–66.

8 letter words containing astri

  • alastrim — a form of smallpox caused by the virus Variola minor
  • astringe — to contract or become contracted
  • castries — the capital and chief port of St Lucia. Pop: 14 000 (2005 est)
  • gastrick — Obsolete form of gastric.
  • pastries — a sweet baked food made of dough, especially the shortened paste used for pie crust and the like.

9 letter words containing astri

  • astricted — Simple past tense and past participle of astrict.
  • astringed — to compress; bind together; constrict.
  • astringer — a styptic or constrictive substance
  • digastric — (of a muscle) having two bellies with an intermediate tendon.
  • gastrique — A syrupy reduction of vinegar (or wine) and sugar.

10 letter words containing astri

  • astricting — Present participle of astrict.
  • astriction — to bind fast; constrain.
  • astrictive — Binding; astringent.
  • astringent — An astringent is a liquid that you put on your skin to make it less oily or to make cuts stop bleeding.
  • astringing — Present participle of astringe.

11 letter words containing astri

  • alabastrine — a finely granular variety of gypsum, often white and translucent, used for ornamental objects or work, such as lamp bases, figurines, etc.
  • astringence — Alternative spelling of astringency.
  • astringency — An astringent taste.
  • astringents — Plural form of astringent.
  • cacogastric — relating to an upset stomach

12 letter words containing astri

  • astringently — In the manner of an astringent.
  • hypogastrium — the lower and median part of the abdomen.
  • mesogastrium — the mesentery of the embryonic stomach.
  • physogastric — pertaining to the swollen, membranous abdomen of certain insects, especially termite and ant queens.

13 letter words containing astri

  • amphigastrium — any of the small leaves or appendages on the under surface of the stem of some liverworts
  • perigastritis — the inflammation of the part of the peritoneum surrounding the stomach
  • pneumogastric — of or relating to the lungs and stomach.
  • subastringent — slightly astringent.

14 letter words containing astri

  • non-astringent — Medicine/Medical. contracting; constrictive; styptic.
  • stomatogastric — relating to the mouth and stomach or the connections between the mouth and stomach
  • zoroastrianism — an Iranian religion, founded c600 b.c. by Zoroaster, the principal beliefs of which are in the existence of a supreme deity, Ahura Mazda, and in a cosmic struggle between a spirit of good, Spenta Mainyu, and a spirit of evil, Angra Mainyu.

16 letter words containing astri

  • oesophagogastric — (anatomy) Of or pertaining to the oesophagus and the stomach.

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