Words containing ask

3 letter words containing ask

  • ask — If you ask someone something, you say something to them in the form of a question because you want to know the answer.

4 letter words containing ask

  • aske — Obsolete spelling of ask.
  • asks — Third-person singular simple present indicative form of ask.
  • bask — If you bask in the sunshine, you lie somewhere sunny and enjoy the heat.
  • cask — A cask is a wooden barrel that is used for storing things, especially alcoholic drink.
  • hask — (obsolete) A basket made of rushes or flags, as for carrying fish.

5 letter words containing ask

  • abask — basking in sunshine
  • asked — Simple past tense and past participle of ask.
  • asker — to put a question to; inquire of: I asked him but he didn't answer.
  • askes — Third-person singular simple present indicative form of aske.
  • askew — Something that is askew is not straight or not level with what it should be level with.

6 letter words containing ask

  • alaska — the largest state of the US, in the extreme northwest of North America: the aboriginal inhabitants are Inuit and Yupik; the earliest White settlements were made by the Russians; it was purchased by the US from Russia in 1867. It is mostly mountainous and volcanic, rising over 6000 m (20 000 ft), with the Yukon basin in the central region; large areas are covered by tundra; it has important mineral resources (chiefly coal, oil, and natural gas). Capital: Juneau. Pop: 648 818 (2003 est). Area: 1 530 694 sq km (591 004 sq miles)
  • askant — askance
  • askari — (in East Africa) a soldier or policeman
  • askers — Plural form of asker.
  • askest — Archaic second-person singular form of ask.

7 letter words containing ask

  • alaskan — of or relating to Alaska or its inhabitants
  • askance — with an oblique glance
  • askarel — any of the class of synthetic, nonflammable, liquid dielectrics used chiefly for insulation in transformers.
  • askaris — a native African police officer or soldier, especially one serving a colonial administration.
  • askelon — Ashqelon

8 letter words containing ask

  • antimask — interlude in a masque
  • basketry — Basketry is baskets made by weaving together thin strips of materials such as wood.
  • damasked — a reversible fabric of linen, silk, cotton, or wool, woven with patterns.
  • damasken — Alternative form of damascene.
  • damaskin — (obsolete) A sword of Damascus steel.

9 letter words containing ask

  • askewness — the state of being askew
  • athabaska — a river in W Canada, rising in the Rocky Mountains and flowing northeast to Lake Athabaska. Length: 1230 km (765 miles)
  • basketeer — Someone who makes baskets; a basketmaker.
  • basketful — a sufficient quantity to fill a basket; the amount contained in a basket.
  • bergamask — person from Bergamo

10 letter words containing ask

  • athabaskan — a family of North American Indian languages, including Chipewyan, Hupa, and Navajo
  • basketball — Basketball is a game in which two teams of five players each try to score goals by throwing a large ball through a circular net fixed to a metal ring at each end of the court.
  • basketcase — Alternative form of basket case.
  • basketlike — resembling a basket
  • basketwork — work that is interlaced or woven like a basket; wickerwork

11 letter words containing ask

  • alaska-crab — horseshoe crab.
  • baskerville — a style of type
  • basket-star — any of several echinoderms of the genus Gorgonocephalus, in which long slender arms radiate from a central disc: order Ophiuroidea (brittle-stars)
  • basketballs — Plural form of basketball.
  • basketmaker — A person who makes baskets.

12 letter words containing ask

  • basketballer — (informal) A basketball player; a person who plays basketball.
  • basketmaking — The construction of baskets, especially by traditional means.
  • basketweaver — a person who advocates simple, natural, and unsophisticated living
  • bread-basket — a basket or similar container for bread or rolls.
  • bushelbasket — a rounded basket with a capacity of one bushel

13 letter words containing ask

  • clothesbasket — a basket for holding and carrying laundry.
  • multi-tasking — Computers. (of a single CPU) to execute two or more jobs concurrently.
  • task-mistress — a woman whose function it is to assign tasks, especially burdensome ones, to others.
  • task-oriented — focusing on the completion of particular tasks as a measure of success

14 letter words containing ask

  • basket-of-gold — a yellow-flowered perennial plant (Alyssum saxatile, now more properly Aurinia saxatilis) of the crucifer family, often used in rock gardens

15 letter words containing ask

18 letter words containing ask

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