Words containing asha

4 letter words containing asha

  • asha — the cosmic principle of order, justice, righteousness, and truth.

5 letter words containing asha

  • asham — (Caribbean) A dessert made from shelled and parched corn pounded into powder.
  • basha — A tarpaulin or plastic waterproof sheet.
  • kasha — a soft food prepared from hulled and crushed grain, especially buckwheat.
  • pasha — a title, placed after the name, formerly held by high officials in countries under Turkish rule.
  • sasha — a female given name, form of Sandra or Alexandra.

6 letter words containing asha

  • akasha — (in the philosophies of India) the ether, regarded as including material and nonmaterial entities in a common medium.
  • ashake — in a shaking manner
  • ashame — to cause to feel ashamed
  • bashan — a region to the east of the Jordan, renowned for its rich pasture (Deuteronomy 32:14)
  • bashaw — an important or pompous person

7 letter words containing asha

  • ashamed — If someone is ashamed, they feel embarrassed or guilty because of something they do or they have done, or because of their appearance.
  • ashanti — an administrative region of central Ghana: former native kingdom, suppressed by the British in 1900 after four wars. Capital: Kumasi. Pop: 3 187 607 (2000). Area: 24 390 sq km (9417 sq miles)
  • bashaws — Plural form of bashaw.
  • crashaw — Richard. 1613–49, English religious poet, noted esp for the Steps to the Temple (1646)
  • falasha — a member of an Ethiopian people who speak a Hamitic language and who practice a form of Judaism.

8 letter words containing asha

  • asharism — the classical synthesis of Islamic philosophical theology, formulated by al-Ashʿari.
  • cashable — Able to be converted into cash.
  • mashable — Of a consistency suitable for mashing.
  • parashah — a portion of the Torah chanted or read each week in the synagogue on the Sabbath.
  • pashadom — the office or territory of a pasha

9 letter words containing asha

  • al-ashari — Abu ʾl-Hasan [ah-boo al-ha-san] /ˈɑ bu æl hæˈsæn/ (Show IPA), a.d. c873–936, the formulator of the classical synthesis in Islamic philosophical theology known as Ashʿarism.
  • ashamedly — feeling shame; distressed or embarrassed by feelings of guilt, foolishness, or disgrace: He felt ashamed for having spoken so cruelly.
  • bashawism — the combined characteristics of a bashaw, esp haughtiness, imperiousness
  • chickasha — a city in central Oklahoma.
  • dishdasha — An ankle-length robe with long sleeves worn by some Arab men.

10 letter words containing asha

  • bashawship — the position or jurisdiction of a bashaw
  • dishdashas — Plural form of dishdasha.
  • squashable — easily squashed; soft
  • ultrasharp — (of a monitor or screen) having very high definition
  • unwashable — capable of being washed without shrinking, fading, or the like.

11 letter words containing asha

  • ashamedness — the condition of feeling ashamed
  • cashability — money or an equivalent, as a check, paid at the time of making a purchase.
  • dharmashala — (in South Asia) a building devoted to religious or charitable purposes, especially a rest house for travelers.
  • nonwashable — Not washable.
  • unashamedly — not ashamed; not restrained by embarrassment or consciousness of moral guilt: a liar unashamed even after public disgrace.

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