Words containing anum

5 letter words containing anum

  • fanum — a temple or sacred place

6 letter words containing anum

  • granum — (in prescriptions) a grain.

7 letter words containing anum

  • arcanum — a profound secret or mystery known only to initiates
  • hanuman — Also called entellus. a langur, Presbytis (Semnopithecus) entellus, held sacred in India.
  • ladanum — labdanum.
  • manumea — a tooth-billed, fruit-eating ground pigeon of Samoa
  • manumit — to release from slavery or servitude.

8 letter words containing anum

  • galbanum — a gum resin with a peculiar, strong odor, obtained from certain Asian plants of the genus Ferula, used in incense and formerly in medicine.
  • hanumans — Plural form of hanuman.
  • hiranuma — Baron Kiichiro [kee-ee-chee-raw] /kiˈi tʃiˌrɔ/ (Show IPA), 1867?–1952, Japanese statesman.
  • labdanum — a resinous juice that exudes from various rockroses of the genus Cistus: used in perfumery, fumigating substances, etc.
  • laudanum — a tincture of opium.

9 letter words containing anum

  • abrotanum — A bushy wormwood from Europe, sometimes used in the brewing of beer.
  • lanthanum — a rare-earth, trivalent, metallic element, allied to aluminum, found in certain minerals, as monazite. Symbol: La; atomic weight: 138.91; atomic number: 57; specific gravity: 6.15 at 20°C.

10 letter words containing anum

  • manumation — (business, nonstandard) Applying technology to automate a business process that produces the same results as the manual process before automation.
  • manumitted — Simple past tense and past participle of manumit.
  • manumitter — An emancipator from slavery, someone who manumits.

11 letter words containing anum

12 letter words containing anum

  • alphanumeric — (of a character set, code, or file of data) consisting of alphabetical and numerical symbols
  • manumissions — Plural form of manumission.
  • verumontanum — an elevation in the wall of the urethra

13 letter words containing anum

14 letter words containing anum

  • alphanumerical — alphanumeric; characterized by having letters and numerals

16 letter words containing anum

  • alphanumerically — In an alphanumeric manner; using alphanumeric characters.

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