Words containing antici

8 letter words containing antici

  • anticity — opposed to cities
  • anticize — to play absurdly, or perform antics

9 letter words containing antici

10 letter words containing antici

  • anticipant — operating in advance; expectant; anticipating
  • anticipate — If you anticipate an event, you realize in advance that it may happen and you are prepared for it.
  • anticivism — opposition to citizenship

11 letter words containing antici

  • anticipated — If an event, especially a cultural event, is eagerly anticipated, people expect that it will be very good, exciting, or interesting.
  • anticipates — Third-person singular simple present indicative form of anticipate.
  • anticipator — to realize beforehand; foretaste or foresee: to anticipate pleasure.
  • atlanticism — advocacy of close cooperation in military, political, and economic matters between Western Europe, esp the UK, and the US
  • atlanticist — a supporter of close military, political, and economic cooperation between Western Europe and the U.S.

12 letter words containing antici

  • anticipately — (dated) In anticipation, in advance; anticipatedly.
  • anticipating — to realize beforehand; foretaste or foresee: to anticipate pleasure.
  • anticipation — Anticipation is a feeling of excitement about something pleasant or exciting that you know is going to happen.
  • anticipative — inclined to anticipate; of or full of anticipation
  • anticipatory — An anticipatory feeling or action is one that you have or do because you are expecting something to happen soon.

13 letter words containing antici

14 letter words containing antici

  • anticipatingly — In an anticipating manner; looking forward; expectantly.
  • anticipatively — In an anticipative manner; expectantly.
  • anticipatorily — of, showing, or expressing anticipation.
  • neoromanticism — (sometimes initial capital letter) Fine Arts. a style of painting developed in the 20th century, chiefly characterized by forms or images that project a sense of nostalgia and fantasy.
  • pre-anticipate — to realize beforehand; foretaste or foresee: to anticipate pleasure.

15 letter words containing antici

  • anticipointment — (rare) The state of mind resulting from excitedly anticipating a strongly promoted product, event, film, etc, and then being disappointed when it fails to meet the expectations generated by this promotion.
  • antiromanticism — the opposition to romanticism
  • nonanticipative — Not anticipative.
  • pre-romanticism — romantic spirit or tendency.
  • romanticization — to make romantic; invest with a romantic character: Many people romanticize the role of an editor.

16 letter words containing antici

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