Words containing anore

7 letter words containing anore

  • anorexy — Archaic form of anorexia.

8 letter words containing anore

  • anorexia — Anorexia or anorexia nervosa is an illness in which a person has an overwhelming fear of becoming fat, and so refuses to eat enough and becomes thinner and thinner.
  • anorexic — If someone is anorexic, they are suffering from anorexia and so are very thin.

9 letter words containing anore

  • anorectal — relating to the anus and rectum
  • anorectic — Also, anorectous. having no appetite.
  • anorexics — Plural form of anorexic.
  • tanorexic — obsessed with maintaining a permanent deep tan, esp through use of tanning machines

10 letter words containing anore

  • anorectics — Plural form of anorectic.
  • anorexiant — a substance, as a drug, for causing loss of appetite.

12 letter words containing anore

15 letter words containing anore

  • mechanoreceptor — any of the sense organs that respond to vibration, stretching, pressure, or other mechanical stimuli.

16 letter words containing anore

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