Words containing amt

3 letter words containing amt

  • amt — amount

6 letter words containing amt

  • amtman — a magistrate or bailiff in parts of Europe
  • amtrac — an amphibious tracked vehicle used primarily by the military for shore landings
  • amtrak — a government-owned organization providing intercity passenger railroad services in the US
  • amtran — Automatic Mathematical TRANslation
  • dreamt — a simple past tense and past participle of dream.

7 letter words containing amt

  • amtracs — Plural form of amtrac.
  • ramtron — (company)   The company which holds the patents for FRAM and licenses the technology to other companies. The licensees are currently (Feb 1997) Hitachi, Rohm, Samsung, SGS-Thomson and Toshiba, none of who offer FRAM products of their own yet.

9 letter words containing amt

  • amthamine — A histamine agonist selective for the H2 subtype.
  • dreamtime — (often initial capital letter) the ancient time of the creation of all things by sacred ancestors, whose spirits continue into the present, as conceived in the mythology of the Australian Aborigines.
  • hamtramck — a city in SE Michigan, completely surrounded by the city of Detroit.

10 letter words containing amt

  • binghamton — city in SC N.Y., on the Susquehanna River: pop. 47,000
  • steamtight — impervious to steam.

15 letter words containing amt

  • gesamtkunstwerk — total art work; an artistic creation, as the music dramas of Richard Wagner, that synthesizes the elements of music, drama, spectacle, dance, etc.

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