Words containing amo

3 letter words containing amo

  • amo — America's Multimedia Online

4 letter words containing amo

  • amok — a state of murderous frenzy, originally observed among Malays
  • amol — Active Management Of Labor
  • amon — a local god of fertility and life in Egyptian Thebes: later associated with Re as the chief deity of Egypt ( Amon-Re): identified by the Greeks (and Romans) with Zeus (and Jupiter)
  • amor — love of one's country; patriotism.
  • amos — a Hebrew prophet of the 8th century bc

5 letter words containing amo

  • adamo — (database)   A data management system written at CERN, based on the Entity-Relationship model.
  • alamo — Franciscan mission at San Antonio, Tex.: scene of a siege and massacre of Texans by Mexican troops (1836)
  • amock — (very rare) alternative spelling of amok.
  • amoks — (among members of certain Southeast Asian cultures) a psychic disturbance characterized by depression followed by a manic urge to murder.
  • amole — the root, bulb or other part of several mainly western North American plants, such as the agave and yucca, used as a substitute for soap

6 letter words containing amo

  • adamov — Arthur. 1908–70, French dramatist, born in Russia: one of the foremost exponents of the Theatre of the Absurd. His plays include Le Professeur Taranne (1953), Le Ping-Pong (1955), and Le Printemps '71 (1960)
  • alamos — a poplar.
  • alcamo — a city in NW Sicily, Italy, near the site of the ancient Greek settlement of Segesta.
  • amodal — Not modal (in any sense).
  • amoeba — An amoeba is the smallest kind of living creature. Amoebae consist of only one cell, and are found in water or soil.

7 letter words containing amo

  • -gamous — denoting marrying or uniting sexually
  • agamoid — resembling an agama
  • agamous — agamic
  • alamode — a soft light silk used for shawls and dresses, esp in the 19th century
  • alamort — exhausted, half-dead

8 letter words containing amo

  • amoeboid — of, related to, or resembling amoebae
  • amongest — Obsolete form of amongst.
  • amorally — In an amoral manner; without morals.
  • amorance — the state of being in love
  • amoretti — a little cupid.

9 letter words containing amo

  • amoebaean — of or relating to lines of verse dialogue that answer each other alternately
  • amoralism — the doctrine or attitude that ignores or rejects moral vaues, or deems them to be irrelevant
  • amoralist — a person who adheres to the doctrine of amoralism
  • amorality — not involving questions of right or wrong; without moral quality; neither moral nor immoral.
  • amoristic — relating to, or characteristic of, romantic love

10 letter words containing amo

  • alamogordo — city in S N.Mex.: pop. 36,000: site of testing range where first atomic bomb was exploded (July, 1945)
  • allogamous — cross-fertilization in plants (opposed to autogamy).
  • amodiaquin — a compound, C20H22ClN3O, whose hydrochloride form is used in treating malaria
  • amoebalike — Having the characteristics of an amoeba.
  • amoebiasis — infection, esp of the intestines, caused by the parasitic amoeba Endamoeba histolytica

11 letter words containing amo

  • agamospermy — formation of seeds in the absence of fertilization; a form of apomixis
  • amobarbital — a drug with sedative, hypnotic, and analgesic properties used to relieve insomnia and control convulsions
  • amoebocytes — Plural form of amoebocyte.
  • amontillado — a medium dry Spanish sherry, not as pale in colour as a fino
  • amorousness — inclined or disposed to love, especially sexual love: an amorous disposition.

12 letter words containing amo

13 letter words containing amo

  • adenosquamous — Having both glandular (adenoid) and squamous characteristics.
  • amorphousness — lacking definite form; having no specific shape; formless: the amorphous clouds.
  • clamorousness — The state or quality of being clamorous.
  • cleistogamous — having small, unopened, self-pollinating flowers, usually in addition to the showier flowers
  • dynamogenesis — the output of raised activity of the nervous system

14 letter words containing amo

  • anamorphoscope — an optical device, such as a cylindrical lens, for correcting an image that has been distorted by anamorphosis
  • camouflageable — able to be camouflaged
  • diamond-shaped — rhombic
  • diamondiferous — containing or yielding diamonds for mining.
  • dynamoelectric — of or concerned with the interconversion of mechanical and electrical energy

15 letter words containing amo

16 letter words containing amo

17 letter words containing amo

18 letter words containing amo

  • electrodynamometer — An instrument that measures electric current by indicating the strength of repulsion or attraction between the magnetic fields of two sets of coils, one fixed and one movable.

19 letter words containing amo

20 letter words containing amo

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