Words containing allo

5 letter words containing allo

  • allo- — indicating difference, variation, or opposition
  • alloa — a town in E central Scotland, the administrative centre of Clackmannanshire. Pop: 18 989 (2001)
  • allod — allodium
  • allon — the cry uttered by a whipper-in to signify that all the hounds are accounted for.
  • alloo — (Scotland) To allow.

6 letter words containing allo

  • allons — let's go!
  • allots — Third-person singular simple present indicative form of allot.
  • allows — Third-person singular simple present indicative form of allow.
  • alloys — Plural form of alloy.
  • ballon — a quality of gracefulness, poise and buoyancy as found in good dancers

7 letter words containing allo

  • allobar — any form of an element with a different isotopic composition than that of the naturally occurring form of the element
  • allonge — a lunging or thrusting move in fencing
  • allonym — a name, often one of historical significance or that of another person, assumed by a person, esp an author
  • alloquy — (obsolete) Act of speaking to another; an address.
  • allover — over the whole surface

8 letter words containing allo

  • agalloch — the fragrant, resinous wood of an East Indian tree, Aquilaria agallocha, of the mezereum family, used as incense in Asia.
  • allocate — If one item or share of something is allocated to a particular person or for a particular purpose, it is given to that person or used for that purpose.
  • allocher — any of the variant forms of a chereme.
  • allocute — (chiefly, US, legal) To make an allocution.
  • allodial — (of land) held as an allodium

9 letter words containing allo

  • allobaric — of or relating to change in atmospheric pressure: allobaric wind.
  • allocable — able to be allocated
  • allocarpy — the production of fruit through cross-fertilization
  • allocated — to set apart for a particular purpose; assign or allot: to allocate funds for new projects.
  • allocates — Third-person singular simple present indicative form of allocate.

10 letter words containing allo

  • allhallond — relating to the period of time around Allhallows
  • allhallown — relating to the period of time around Allhallows
  • allhallows — All Saints' Day
  • allocating — to set apart for a particular purpose; assign or allot: to allocate funds for new projects.
  • allocation — An allocation is an amount of something, especially money, that is given to a particular person or used for a particular purpose.

11 letter words containing allo

  • alloantigen — an antigen present in some but not all individuals of the same species, as those in different human blood groups.
  • allocatable — that can be allocated.
  • allocations — Plural form of allocation.
  • allocentric — Concerned with the interests of others more than one's own; community-minded.
  • allocheiria — a medical condition in which sensation is felt at a different point on the body from that stimulated

12 letter words containing allo

  • allhallowmas — All Saints' Day.
  • alloantibody — an antibody that reacts with an antigen from a genetically different individual of the same species.
  • allomorphism — variation in the crystalline form of a chemical compound
  • allosauruses — Plural form of allosaurus.
  • allotropical — (chemistry, rare) Of or pertaining to an element that exhibits allotropy.

13 letter words containing allo

  • allhallowtide — the season of All Saints' Day (Allhallows)
  • allochromatic — Physical Chemistry. pertaining to or having photochemical properties resulting from an impurity or from exposure to radiation.
  • allochthonous — (of rocks, deposits, etc) found in a place other than where they or their constituents were formed
  • allophanamide — biuret.
  • allopolyploid — (of cells, organisms, etc) having more than two sets of haploid chromosomes inherited from different species

14 letter words containing allo

  • alloiostrophos — irregularly divided, not in a regular pattern of strophe and antistrophe
  • allopatrically — In an allopatric manner.
  • allopolyploidy — the state of having two or more sets of chromosomes derived from parents of different species or widely differing strains
  • allosterically — In an allosteric manner.
  • allotetraploid — a hybrid cell or individual possessing four times the chromosomes in a haploid organism

15 letter words containing allo

  • allorecognition — The ability of an individual organism to distinguish its own tissues from those of another.
  • allotetraploidy — the condition of being an allotetraploid
  • allotransplants — Plural form of allotransplant.
  • allotriomorphic — (of minerals) not having their own regular shape (as determined by their internal structure) but being shaped instead by adjacent minerals
  • crystallography — the science concerned with the formation, properties, and structure of crystals

16 letter words containing allo

17 letter words containing allo

  • metallofullerenes — Plural form of metallofullerene.
  • metalloproteinase — (enzyme) Any of several proteinases that have a metal atom (often zinc) at their active centre.

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