Words containing allen

5 letter words containing allen

  • allen — Ethan. 1738–89, American soldier during the War of Independence who led the Green Mountain Boys of Vermont

6 letter words containing allen

  • allene — (organic chemistry) Any of a class of hydrocarbons having two double bonds from one carbon atom to two others - R2C=C=CR2; especially the parent compound CH2=C=CH2 (propadiene).
  • fallen — past participle of fall.

7 letter words containing allen

  • allenby — Edmund Henry Hynman, 1st Viscount. 1861–1936, British field marshal who captured Palestine and Syria from the Turks in 1918; high commissioner in Egypt (1919–25)
  • allende — Isabel. born 1942, Chilean writer, born in Peru; her works include Eva Luna (1989), Paula (1995), and Daughter of Fortune (1999)
  • allenes — Plural form of allene.
  • mcallen — a city in S Texas, on the Rio Grande.
  • tallent — abundance; plenty

8 letter words containing allen

  • befallen — to happen or occur.
  • smallensAlexander, 1889–1972, U.S. orchestra conductor, born in Russia.
  • unfallen — past participle of fall.
  • vallenar — a city in central Chile.
  • wallendaKarl [kahrl;; German kahrl] /kɑrl;; German kɑrl/ (Show IPA), 1905–78, German circus aerialist.

9 letter words containing allen

  • allenarly — in a solitary manner
  • allentown — a city in E Pennsylvania, on the Lehigh River. Pop: 105 958 (2003 est)
  • challenge — A challenge is something new and difficult which requires great effort and determination.
  • wallensisSir William, Wallace, Sir William.

10 letter words containing allen

  • allenstein — German name of Olsztyn.
  • challenged — If you say that someone is challenged in a particular way, you mean that they have a disability in that area. Challenged is often combined with inappropriate words for humorous effect.
  • challenger — A challenger is someone who competes with you for a position or title that you already have, for example being a sports champion or a political leader.
  • challenges — Plural form of challenge.
  • chapfallen — dejected; downhearted; crestfallen

11 letter words containing allen

  • challengers — Plural form of challenger.
  • challenging — A challenging task or job requires great effort and determination.
  • crestfallen — If you look crestfallen, you look sad and disappointed about something.
  • misbefallen — Simple past tense and past participle of misbefall.
  • rallentando — slackening; becoming slower (used as a musical direction).

12 letter words containing allen

  • mischallenge — an improper challenge
  • re-challenge — to challenge (someone or something) again
  • unchallenged — a euphemism for disabled (usually preceded by an adverb): physically challenged.

13 letter words containing allen

  • challengeable — a call or summons to engage in any contest, as of skill, strength, etc.
  • challengingly — in a way that challenges or defies someone
  • unchallenging — not challenging or difficult; not providing a challenge; easy

14 letter words containing allen

  • un-challenging — offering a challenge; testing one's ability, endurance, etc: a challenging course; a challenging game.

15 letter words containing allen

16 letter words containing allen

17 letter words containing allen

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