Words containing alan

4 letter words containing alan

  • alan — a common male first name

5 letter words containing alan

  • aland — to land, on land, ashore
  • alane — (inorganic compound) aluminium hydride, AlH3.
  • alang — a type of grass grown in Malaysia and often used for thatching roofs
  • alant — a genus of flowering plants more commonly known as Inula
  • dalan — (in Persian and Indian architecture) a veranda or open hall for reception of visitors.

6 letter words containing alan

  • alania — North Ossetia.
  • alanna — (dialect, Ireland, as a term of address) child.
  • alanyl — the acyl radical of alanine, found in certain proteins
  • chalan — to cause (an accused person) to appear before a magistrate
  • galant — Of, relating to, or denoting a light and elegant style of 18th -century music.

7 letter words containing alan

  • alanine — a nonessential aliphatic amino acid that occurs in many proteins
  • alannah — my child: used as a term of address or endearment
  • alantin — (chemistry, obsolete) inulin.
  • balance — If you balance something somewhere, or if it balances there, it remains steady and does not fall.
  • balanda — (Australian Aboriginal, Arnhem Land) a white person, a European.

8 letter words containing alan

  • atalanta — a maiden who agreed to marry any man who could defeat her in a running race. She lost to Hippomenes when she paused to pick up three golden apples that he had deliberately dropped
  • balanced — A balanced report, book, or other document takes into account all the different opinions on something and presents information in a fair and reasonable way.
  • balancer — a person or thing that balances
  • balances — Plural form of balance.
  • balanoid — shaped like an acorn.

9 letter words containing alan

  • appealant — Obsolete form of appellant.
  • avalanche — An avalanche is a large mass of snow that falls down the side of a mountain.
  • balancers — Plural form of balancer.
  • balancing — the process of achieving or maintaining equilibrium
  • balanitis — inflammation of the glans penis, usually due to infection

10 letter words containing alan

  • alanbrooke — Alan Francis Brooke, 1st Viscount. 1883–1963, British field marshal; chief of Imperial General Staff (1941–46)
  • avalanched — Simple past tense and past participle of avalanche.
  • avalanches — Plural form of avalanche.
  • balanchine — George. 1904–83, US choreographer, born in Russia
  • bananaland — Queensland.

11 letter words containing alan

  • equibalance — an equal weight or balance
  • galantamine — (organic compound) An alkaloid, obtained synthetically or from various plants, used for the treatment of mild to moderate Alzheimer's disease and various memory impairments.
  • misbalanced — badly balanced
  • namaqualand — an arid coastal region in the S part of Namibia, extending into the Cape of Good Hope province of the Republic of South Africa, divided by the Orange River into two regions, one in Namibia (Great Namaqualand) the other in South Africa (Little Namaqualand) inhabited by the Nama.
  • nonchalance — the state or quality of being nonchalant; cool indifference or lack of concern; casualness.

12 letter words containing alan

  • bechuanaland — former British territory (1884-1966) in S Africa: now the country of Botswana
  • gondwanaland — a hypothetical landmass in the Southern Hemisphere that separated toward the end of the Paleozoic Era to form South America, Africa, Antarctica, and Australia.
  • holocephalan — (zoology) Any cartilaginous fish of the subclass Holocephali; the chimeras.
  • liliuokalani — Lydia Kamekeha [kah-me-ke-hah] /ˌkɑ mɛˈkɛ hɑ/ (Show IPA), 1838–1917, last queen of the Hawaiian Islands 1891–93.
  • metalanguage — any language or symbolic system used to discuss, describe, or analyze another language or symbolic system.

13 letter words containing alan

14 letter words containing alan

  • counterbalance — To counterbalance something means to balance or correct it with something that has an equal but opposite effect.
  • hypophalangism — the condition of having fewer than the normal number of phalanges per finger or toe.

15 letter words containing alan

  • acanthocephalan — any of the parasitic wormlike invertebrates of the phylum Acanthocephala, the adults of which have a spiny proboscis and live in the intestines of vertebrates
  • balanoposthitis — An inflammation of the glans penis and the prepuce.
  • counterbalanced — Simple past tense and past participle of counterbalance.
  • counterbalances — Plural form of counterbalance.
  • interphalangeal — Between phalanges, as with an interphalangeal joint.

16 letter words containing alan

  • acanthocephalans — Plural form of acanthocephalan.
  • counterbalancing — Present participle of counterbalance.
  • phalansterianism — a system by which society would be reorganized into units comprising their own social and industrial elements; Fourierism.
  • platform-balance — a scale with a platform for holding the items to be weighed.

17 letter words containing alan

  • ultramicrobalance — a balance for weighing precisely, to a hundredth of a microgram or less, minute quantities of material.

19 letter words containing alan

22 letter words containing alan

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