Words containing aird

5 letter words containing aird

  • baird — John Logie (ˈləʊɡɪ). 1888–1946, Scottish engineer: inventor of a 240-line mechanically scanned system of television, replaced in 1935 by a 405-line electrically scanned system
  • caird — a travelling tinker; vagrant
  • laird — a landed proprietor.

6 letter words containing aird

  • airdry — Alternative form of air-dry.
  • braird — the first shoots of grass or crops
  • hairdo — the style in which a person's hair is cut, arranged, and worn; coiffure.
  • lairds — Plural form of laird.

7 letter words containing aird

  • airdate — the scheduled date for the broadcast of a television or radio programme
  • airdrie — a town in W central Scotland, in North Lanarkshire, E of Glasgow: manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries. Pop: 36 326 (2001)
  • airdrop — a delivery of supplies, troops, etc, from an aircraft by parachute
  • hairdos — Plural form of hairdo.
  • lairdly — belonging or relating to a laird or lairds

8 letter words containing aird

  • airdates — Plural form of airdate.
  • airdrawn — having its outline traced in air
  • airdried — Simple past tense and past participle of airdry.
  • airdries — a city in central Scotland, near Glasgow.
  • airdrome — An airdrome is a place or area where small aircraft can land and take off.

9 letter words containing aird

  • airdromes — Plural form of airdrome.
  • chairdays — old age, or the point in life when resting in a chair is the most comfortable way of passing time
  • hairdryer — (chiefly UK) A small electrical appliance for drying hair, by generating a stream of hot air.
  • lairdship — the condition of being a laird, or the rank of laird

10 letter words containing aird

  • airdropped — Simple past tense and past participle of airdrop.

11 letter words containing aird

12 letter words containing aird

  • hairdressers — Plural form of hairdresser.
  • hairdressing — the act or process of cutting, combing out, doing up, or styling hair.

13 letter words containing aird

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