Words containing aho

4 letter words containing aho

  • ahom — an extinct Thai language of Assam.
  • ahoy — Ahoy is something that people in boats shout in order to attract attention.
  • paho — a prayer stick of the Hopi Indians.

5 letter words containing aho

  • ahold — a hold
  • aholt — ahold.
  • cahow — a rare nocturnal Atlantic seabird, Pterodroma cahow, with brown and white plumage, formerly thought to be extinct
  • idaho — a state in the NW United States. 83,557 sq. mi. (216,415 sq. km). Capital: Boise. Abbreviation: ID (for use with zip code), Id., Ida.
  • mahoe — hau tree.

6 letter words containing aho

  • ahorse — on horseback
  • cahoot — a business partnership
  • cahows — Plural form of cahow.
  • dahoon — a perennial shrub of the holly family characterized by its white or yellow flowers and red berries
  • lahore — a former province in NW British India: now divided between India and Pakistan.

7 letter words containing aho

  • -aholic — one who exhibits an obsessive need for or interest in (something specified)
  • akiraho — a small New Zealand shrub, Olearia paniculata, with white flowers
  • arapaho — a member of a North American Indian people of the Plains, now living chiefly in Oklahoma and Wyoming
  • cahokia — a city in SW Illinois.
  • cahoots — partnership; league (esp in the phrases go in cahoots with, go cahoot)

8 letter words containing aho

  • arapahoe — Arapaho.
  • bahookie — the buttocks
  • dalmahoy — a bushy wig
  • lahontanLake, an Ice Age lake in W Nevada and NE California, about 8600 sq. mi. (22,000 sq. km): remnants include Carson Sink, Pyramid Lake.
  • macmahon — Marie Edmé Patrice Maurice [ma-ree ed-mey pa-trees moh-rees] /maˈri ˈɛd meɪ paˈtris moʊˈris/ (Show IPA), Count de (Duke of Magenta) 1808–93, president of France 1873–79.

9 letter words containing aho

  • aholehole — A small silvery fish occurring only in the shallow waters around the Hawaiian islands, where it is a food fish.
  • aquaholic — Addicted to water.
  • bahookies — Plural form of bahookie.
  • cockahoop — Alternative form of cock-a-hoop.
  • kahoolawe — an island in central Hawaii, S of Maui: uninhabited. 45 sq. mi. (117 sq. km).

10 letter words containing aho

  • ahorseback — on horseback
  • buddhahood — the attainment of enlightenment as a Buddha.
  • chocaholic — Alternative spelling of chocoholic.
  • fleahopper — either of two varieties of small, jumping insects which feed on crops and garden plants. The two main varieties are the garden fleahopper Halticus bractatus and the cotton fleahopper Pseudatomoscelis seriatus
  • foodaholic — a person having an excessive, often uncontrollable craving for food.

11 letter words containing aho

  • chocaholics — Plural form of chocaholic.
  • workaholics — Plural form of workaholic.
  • workaholism — a person who works compulsively at the expense of other pursuits.

12 letter words containing aho

  • chickahominy — a member of a North American Indian tribe of the Powhatan confederacy that inhabited eastern Virginia.

13 letter words containing aho

  • chattahoochee — river flowing from N Ga. southward along the Ga.-Ala. border into the Apalachicola: 436 mi (702 km)

14 letter words containing aho

  • configuraholic — (jargon)   A luser who twiddles with computer settings until it no longer works and must be fixed by the system administror.

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