9-letter words containing aga

  • agalactia — absence or failure of secretion of milk
  • agamemnon — a king of Mycenae who led the Greeks at the siege of Troy. On his return home he was murdered by his wife Clytemnestra and her lover Aegisthus
  • agar-agar — a complex gelatinous carbohydrate obtained from seaweeds, esp those of the genus Gelidium, used as a culture medium for bacteria, a laxative, in food such as ice cream as a thickening agent (E406), etc
  • agatelike — Resembling or characteristic of agate.
  • agateware — ceramic ware made to resemble agate or marble
  • akutagawa — Ryunosuke [ryoo-naw-soo-ke] /ryʊˈnɔ sʊˌkɛ/ (Show IPA), 1892–1927, Japanese short-story writer and essayist.
  • amagasaki — an industrial city in Japan, in W Honshu, on Osaka Bay. Pop: 463 256 (2002 est)
  • astragali — Plural form of astragalus.
  • astragals — Plural form of astragal.
  • bagatelle — something of little value or significance; trifle
  • bhagalpur — a city in India, in Bihar: agriculture, textiles, university (1960). Pop: 340 349 (2001)
  • bhaunagar — a seaport in S Gujarat, in W India.
  • bhavnagar — a port in W India, in S Gujarat. Pop: 510 958 (2001)
  • divagated — Simple past tense and past participle of divagate.
  • evagation — the act of wandering or roving
  • fagaceous — belonging to the Fagaceae, the beech family of plants.
  • flabagast — (archaic) Alternative form of flabbergast.
  • indagator — to investigate; research.
  • jagannath — Hinduism. a name of Krishna or Vishnu.
  • karaganda — a city in central Kazakhstan.
  • khaganate — An empire comprising of several khanates.
  • kirinyaga — the local name of Mount Kenya
  • krav maga — a form of exercise based on unarmed combat movements developed by the Israeli armed forces
  • macapagal — Diosdado [dee-aws-dah-daw] /ˌdi ɔsˈdɑ dɔ/ (Show IPA), 1910–97, Philippine statesman: president 1961–65.
  • madariaga — Salvador de [sahl-vah-th awr th e] /ˌsɑl vɑˈðɔr ðɛ/ (Show IPA), (Salvador de Madariaga y Rojo) 1886–1978, Spanish diplomat, historian, and writer in England.
  • magalogue — a combination of a magazine and a catalogue
  • magaziner — Someone who writes for a magazine.
  • magazines — A periodical publication containing articles and illustrations, typically covering a particular subject or area of interest.
  • managable — Misspelling of manageable.
  • matagalpa — a city in W central Nicaragua.
  • mattagami — a river in E Ontario, Canada, flowing N to join the Missinaibi River and form the Moose River. 275 miles (443 km) long.
  • megagauss — a unit of magnetic flux density equal to one million gauss
  • muztagata — a mountain in W China, in the Kunlun Range. 24,757 feet (7546 meters).
  • nagarjuna — c. 150–c. 250 ad, Indian Buddhist monk, founder of the Madhyamika (Middle Path) school of Mahayana Buddhism: noted for his philosophical writings
  • neopagans — Plural form of neopagan.
  • onondagan — a member of a tribe of Iroquoian Indians formerly inhabiting the region of Onondaga Lake.
  • ossifraga — a large fulmar
  • pantagamy — a communal marriage system amongst members of a community or household
  • propagate — to cause (an organism) to multiply by any process of natural reproduction from the parent stock.
  • sacagawea — ("Bird Woman") 1787?–1812? Shoshone guide and interpreter: accompanied Lewis and Clark expedition 1804–05.
  • sagacious — having or showing acute mental discernment and keen practical sense; shrewd: a sagacious lawyer.
  • sagapenum — a resin formerly used as a drug
  • suffragan — assisting or auxiliary to, as applied to any bishop in relation to the archbishop or metropolitan who is his superior, or as applied to an assistant or subsidiary bishop who performs episcopal functions in a diocese but has no ordinary jurisdiction, as, in the Church of England, a bishop consecrated to assist the ordinary bishop of a see in part of his diocese.
  • tathagata — one of the names of Buddha.
  • teagarden — Weldon John [wel-dn] /ˈwɛl dn/ (Show IPA), ("Jack") 1905–64, U.S. jazz trombonist and singer.
  • termagant — a violent, turbulent, or brawling woman.
  • turnagain — an about-turn
  • vagarious — characterized by vagaries; erratic; capricious: a vagarious foreign policy.
  • vasovagal — relating to blood vessels and the vagus nerve
  • zoophagan — a carnivorous animal

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