8-letter words containing aga

  • aga khan — the hereditary title of the head of the Ismaili sect of Muslims
  • aga saga — a novel or drama depicting the lives and concerns of the English middle classes
  • agaçante — irritating
  • agacerie — allurement, enticement, enchantment, coquetry
  • agalloch — the fragrant, resinous wood of an East Indian tree, Aquilaria agallocha, of the mezereum family, used as incense in Asia.
  • agalwood — a soft, resinous wood of the Asain tree Aquilaria malaccensis, known for its aromatic qualities, and used in incense
  • agaricin — an impure form of agaric acid: formerly used in medicine as an agent for stopping excessive perspiration.
  • agaricus — any mushroom of the genus Agaricus, comprising the meadow mushrooms and a commercially grown species, A. brunnescens.
  • agartala — a city in NE India, capital of the state of Tripura. Pop: 189 327 (2001)
  • agathism — The doctrine that the ultimate end of all things is good, although the intermediate means may be evil.
  • agathist — A person who believes in agathism.
  • agatized — to change into or make like agate.
  • ashikaga — a member of a powerful family in Japan that ruled as shoguns 1338–1573.
  • astragal — a small convex moulding, usually with a semicircular cross section
  • caragana — any of various shrubs and small trees with golden flowers of the genus Caragana and of the family Fabaceae, native to Asia and east Europe and widely planted in North America as windbreaks
  • chagatai — a Turkic literary language of medieval Central Asia.
  • divagate — to wander; stray.
  • fanagalo — a lingua franca based on English, Afrikaans, Xhosa, and Zulu, used especially in the mines of South Africa.
  • flanaganEdward Joseph ("Father Flanagan") 1886–1948, U.S. Roman Catholic priest, born in Ireland: founder of a farm village for wayward boys.
  • hiragana — the cursive and more widely used of the two Japanese syllabaries.
  • huallaga — a river in N central Peru, flowing N to the Marañón River: part of the Amazon system. 700 miles (1126 km) long.
  • imagable — Alternative form of imageable.
  • indagate — to investigate; research.
  • jamnagar — a city in W Gujarat, in W central India.
  • junagadh — a town in India, in Gujarat: noted for its Buddhist caves and temples. Pop: 168 686 (2001)
  • magainin — any of a series of related substances with antibacterial properties, derived from the skins of frogs
  • magalogs — Plural form of magalog.
  • magangue — a city in NW Colombia.
  • magazine — a publication that is issued periodically, usually bound in a paper cover, and typically contains essays, stories, poems, etc., by many writers, and often photographs and drawings, frequently specializing in a particular subject or area, as hobbies, news, or sports.
  • malagasy — a member of any of various peoples native to the island of Madagascar.
  • megagaea — one of the three primary zoogeographic areas of the earth including Europe, Africa, Asia, certain islands southeast of Asia, and the polar and temperate areas of North America
  • metagame — A game about games; a game based on exploiting the rules etc. of some other game, at a higher level than simply playing the game normally.
  • nagaland — a state in NE India. 6366 sq. mi. (16,488 sq. km). Capital: Kohima.
  • nagasaki — a seaport on W Kyushu, in SW Japan: second military use of the atomic bomb August 9, 1945.
  • neopagan — Alternative spelling of neo-pagan.
  • neyagawa — a city in S Honshu, Japan: a suburb of Osaka.
  • nonpagan — a person who is not a pagan
  • okanagan — a river in North America that flows south from Okanagan Lake in Canada into the Columbia River in NE Washington, US Length: about 483 km (300 miles)
  • okinagan — a member of a North American Indian people living in the Okanagan River valley in British Columbia and Washington
  • onnagata — a male actor in kabuki who performs female roles.
  • onondaga — a member of a tribe of Iroquoian Indians formerly inhabiting the region of Onondaga Lake.
  • pagandom — the part of the world inhabited by pagans.
  • paganini — Niccolò [nik-uh-loh;; Italian neek-kaw-law] /ˈnɪk əˌloʊ;; Italian ˌnik kɔˈlɔ/ (Show IPA), 1784–1840, Italian composer and violinist.
  • paganism — pagan spirit or attitude in religious or moral questions.
  • paganist — pagan spirit or attitude in religious or moral questions.
  • paganize — to make pagan.
  • papagayoGulf of, an inlet of the Pacific, on the NW coast of Costa Rica. 15 miles (25 km) long; 25 miles (40 km) wide.
  • rhagades — linear cracks or scars found in the skin at the angles of the nose and mouth which are one of the later signs of congenital syphilis
  • runagate — a fugitive or runaway.
  • rutabaga — a brassicaceous plant, Brassica napobrassica, having a yellow- or white-fleshed, edible tuber.

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