7-letter words containing aff

  • affable — Someone who is affable is pleasant and friendly.
  • affably — pleasantly easy to approach and to talk to; friendly; cordial; warmly polite: an affable and courteous gentleman.
  • affaire — a love affair
  • affairs — personal or business interests
  • affeare — frighten
  • affects — Plural form of affect.
  • affiant — a person who makes an affidavit
  • affiche — a poster or advertisement, esp one drawn by an artist, as for the opening of an exhibition
  • affinal — joined or connected by marriage
  • affined — closely related; connected
  • affines — Plural form of affine.
  • affirms — Third-person singular simple present indicative form of affirm.
  • affixal — relating to an affix
  • affixed — to fasten, join, or attach (usually followed by to): to affix stamps to a letter.
  • affixer — a person or a thing that attaches or affixes something
  • affixes — to fasten, join, or attach (usually followed by to): to affix stamps to a letter.
  • afflict — If you are afflicted by pain, illness, or disaster, it affects you badly and makes you suffer.
  • affoord — Obsolete spelling of afford.
  • afforce — to make stronger; consolidate; reinforce
  • affords — to be able to do, manage, or bear without serious consequence or adverse effect: The country can't afford another drought.
  • affraid — Obsolete spelling of afraid.
  • affrays — Plural form of affray.
  • affront — If something affronts you, you feel insulted and hurt because of it.
  • affying — Present participle of affy.
  • agraffe — a fastening consisting of a loop and hook, formerly used in armour and clothing
  • baffies — slippers
  • baffing — to strike the ground with a club in making a stroke.
  • baffled — lacking in understanding
  • baffler — Something that causes one to be baffled, particularly a difficult puzzle or riddle.
  • baffles — Plural form of baffle.
  • caffein — a white, crystalline, bitter alkaloid, C 8 H 10 N 4 O 2 , usually derived from coffee or tea: used in medicine chiefly as a nervous system stimulant.
  • caffila — a caravan train
  • chaffed — good-natured ridicule or teasing; raillery.
  • chaffer — to haggle or bargain
  • daffily — In a daffy manner.
  • daffing — merriment; playful behavior; foolishness.
  • decaffs — Plural form of decaff.
  • distaff — a staff with a cleft end for holding wool, flax, etc., from which the thread is drawn in spinning by hand.
  • faffing — Present participle of faff.
  • flaffer — to flutter
  • gaffers — Plural form of gaffer.
  • gaffled — Simple past tense and past participle of gaffle.
  • gaffney — a city in N South Carolina.
  • giraffe — a tall, long-necked, spotted ruminant, Giraffa camelopardalis, of Africa: the tallest living quadruped animal.
  • jaffles — Plural form of jaffle.
  • kaffirs — Plural form of kaffir.
  • maffick — to celebrate with extravagant public demonstrations.
  • maffled — Simple past tense and past participle of maffle.
  • mafflin — a simpleton or a half-witted person
  • naffing — used to emphasize that something is very poor or inferior

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