Words containing aeg

5 letter words containing aeg

  • aegae — ancient name of Edessa, a market town in Greece: ancient capital of Macedonia. Pop: 15 980 (latest est)
  • aeger — (dated, British school slang) Absent and excused from one\u2019s classes due to illness.
  • aegir — the god of the sea
  • aegis — sponsorship or protection; auspices (esp in the phrase under the aegis of)
  • taegu — a city in SE South Korea: commercial center.

6 letter words containing aeg

  • aegean — of or relating to the Aegean Sea or Islands
  • aegeus — an Athenian king and father of Theseus
  • aegina — an island in the Aegean Sea, in the Saronic Gulf. Area: 85 sq km (33 sq miles)
  • aegium — a town in ancient Achaea, on the Gulf of Corinth: the Achaean League met here.
  • jaeger — any of several rapacious seabirds of the family Stercorariidae that pursue weaker birds to make them drop their prey.

7 letter words containing aeg

8 letter words containing aeg

  • aegirite — a mineral of the pyroxene group, NaFeSi2O6, commonly found in alkaline igneous rocks
  • aegrotat — (in British and certain other universities, and, sometimes, schools) a certificate allowing a candidate to pass an examination although he has missed all or part of it through illness
  • aegyptus — a king of Egypt and twin brother of Danaüs

9 letter words containing aeg

  • aegisthus — a cousin to and the murderer of Agamemnon, whose wife Clytemnestra he had seduced. He usurped the kingship of Mycenae until Orestes, Agamemnon's son, returned home and killed him
  • aegrotats — Plural form of aegrotat.
  • crataegus — (botany) Any plant of the genus Crataegus, the hawthorns.

10 letter words containing aeg

  • draegerman — a miner, usually a member of a special crew, trained in underground rescue work and other emergency procedures.

11 letter words containing aeg

  • aegospotami — a river of ancient Thrace that flowed into the Hellespont. At its mouth the Spartan fleet under Lysander defeated the Athenians in 405 bc, ending the Peloponnesian War

15 letter words containing aeg

  • aegyptopithecus — a genus of extinct anthropoid ape of the Oligocene Period known from remains found in Egypt.

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