Words containing adul

5 letter words containing adul

  • adult — An adult is a mature, fully developed person. An adult has reached the age when they are legally responsible for their actions.

6 letter words containing adul

  • adults — Plural form of adult.
  • radula — a chitinous band in the mouth of most mollusks, set with numerous, minute, horny teeth and drawn backward and forward over the floor of the mouth in the process of breaking up food.

7 letter words containing adul

  • adulate — to flatter or praise obsequiously
  • adulter — (obsolete) To commit adultery.
  • adultly — in an adult manner
  • adultry — Misspelling of adultery.
  • unadult — having attained full size and strength; grown up; mature: an adult person, animal, or plant.

8 letter words containing adul

  • adularia — a white or colourless glassy variety of orthoclase in the form of prismatic crystals. It occurs in metamorphic rocks and is a minor gemstone. Formula: KAlSi3O8
  • adulated — Simple past tense and past participle of adulate.
  • adulator — to show excessive admiration or devotion to; flatter or admire servilely.
  • adultery — If a married person commits adultery, they have sex with someone that they are not married to.
  • adultism — A predisposition towards adults (or a bias against children).

9 letter words containing adul

  • adulating — Present participle of adulate.
  • adulation — Adulation is uncritical admiration and praise of someone or something.
  • adulatory — If someone makes an adulatory comment about someone, they praise them and show their admiration of them.
  • adultered — Simple past tense and past participle of adulter.
  • adulterer — An adulterer is someone who commits adultery.

10 letter words containing adul

  • adulations — excessive devotion to someone; servile flattery.
  • adullamite — a person who has withdrawn from a political group and joined with a few others to form a dissident group
  • adulterant — a substance or ingredient that adulterates
  • adulterate — If something such as food or drink is adulterated, someone has made its quality worse by adding water or cheaper products to it.
  • adulterers — Plural form of adulterer.

11 letter words containing adul

  • adulterants — Plural form of adulterant.
  • adulterated — made inferior, impure, etc. by adulterating
  • adulterates — Third-person singular simple present indicative form of adulterate.
  • adulterator — One who or that which adulterates, or harms the purity of, something.
  • adultescent — an adult who is still actively interested in youth culture

12 letter words containing adul

13 letter words containing adul

  • adularescence — (of certain gemstones, especially adularia) having a milky, bluish luster.
  • adultolescent — a young adult or middle-aged person who has interests, traits, etc., that are usually associated with teenagers.
  • pre-adulthood — of or relating to the period prior to adulthood: preadult strivings for independence.
  • unadulterated — not diluted or made impure by adulterating; pure: unadulterated maple syrup.

14 letter words containing adul

15 letter words containing adul

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