Words containing ads

3 letter words containing ads

  • ads — Aion Development System

4 letter words containing ads

  • adsl — ADSL is a method of transmitting digital information at high speed over telephone lines. ADSL is an abbreviation for 'asynchronous digital subscriber line'.
  • adsp — AppleTalk Data Stream Protocol
  • bads — Plural form of bad.
  • cads — Plural form of cad.
  • dads — Dictionary of Algorithms and Data Structures

5 letter words containing ads

  • adsum — I am present
  • beads — a necklace
  • chads — Plural form of chad.
  • clads — Third-person singular simple present indicative form of clad.
  • deads — Third-person singular simple present indicative form of dead.

6 letter words containing ads

  • adsorb — to undergo or cause to undergo a process in which a substance, usually a gas, accumulates on the surface of a solid forming a thin film, often only one molecule thick
  • adsorp — (nonstandard) To adsorb.
  • broads — a group of shallow navigable lakes, connected by a network of rivers, in E England, in Norfolk and Suffolk
  • cycads — Plural form of cycad.
  • dodads — a decorative embellishment; trinket; bauble: a dress covered with doodads.

7 letter words containing ads

  • adsorbs — Third-person singular simple present indicative form of adsorb.
  • adspeak — the kind of language or jargon used in advertising or in advertisements
  • alidads — Plural form of alidad.
  • aoudads — Plural form of aoudad.
  • ballads — Plural form of ballad.

8 letter words containing ads

  • abfarads — Plural form of abfarad.
  • adscript — a serf bound to the land which they work or occupy, and who can be bought or sold along with it
  • adsorbed — Simple past tense and past participle of adsorb.
  • adsorber — something which adsorbs
  • airheads — Plural form of airhead.

9 letter words containing ads

10 letter words containing ads

  • adsorbable — Able to be adsorbed.
  • adsorbates — Plural form of adsorbate.
  • adsorption — an adsorbing or being adsorbed; adhesion of the molecules of a gas, liquid, or dissolved substance to a surface
  • adsorptive — relating to or characterized by adsorption
  • arrowheads — Plural form of arrowhead.

11 letter words containing ads

12 letter words containing ads

13 letter words containing ads

14 letter words containing ads

15 letter words containing ads

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