Words containing adna

5 letter words containing adna

  • adnah — a Manassite deserter from Saul's to David's army. I Chron. 12:20.
  • hadna — (nonstandard, or, dialectal) hadn't.

6 letter words containing adna

  • adnate — growing closely attached to an adjacent part or organ
  • padnag — an ambling horse

8 letter words containing adna

  • adnation — the adhesion or cohesion of different plants

9 letter words containing adna

  • adnascent — growing on or to something else

11 letter words containing adna

  • dreadnaught — a type of battleship armed with heavy-caliber guns in turrets: so called from the British battleship Dreadnought, launched in 1906, the first of its type.

12 letter words containing adna

  • hepadnavirus — Any member of the virus family Hepadnaviridae, capable of causing liver infections in humans and animals.

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