Words containing adl

3 letter words containing adl

  • adl — Anti-Defamation League (of B'nai B'rith)

4 letter words containing adl

  • aadl — Axiomatic Architecture Description Language

5 letter words containing adl

  • adlai — a male given name.
  • adler — Alfred (ˈalfreːt). 1870–1937, Austrian psychiatrist, noted for his descriptions of overcompensation and inferiority feelings
  • adlib — Alternative spelling of ad-lib.
  • adlog — (language)   A language which adds a Prolog layer to Ada.
  • badly — If something is done badly or goes badly, it is not very successful or effective.

6 letter words containing adl

  • adland — the advertising industry and the people who work in it
  • adlibs — Plural form of adlib.
  • badley — Misspelling of badly.
  • beadle — (formerly, in the Church of England) a minor parish official who acted as an usher and kept order
  • cradle — A cradle is a baby's bed with high sides. Cradles often have curved bases so that they rock from side to side.

7 letter words containing adl

  • badland — Alternative form of badlands.
  • beadles — Plural form of beadle.
  • bradley — A(ndrew) C(ecil). 1851–1935, English critic; author of Shakespearian Tragedy (1904)
  • broadly — You can use broadly to indicate that something is generally true.
  • cradled — Simple past tense and past participle of cradle.

8 letter words containing adl

  • adlerian — of or relating to Alfred Adler or his ideas
  • adlibbed — to improvise all or part of (a speech, a piece of music, etc.): to ad-lib one's lines.
  • badlands — any deeply eroded barren area
  • beadlike — resembling a bead
  • chadless — (of a keypunch) not producing chads

9 letter words containing adl

  • adlibbing — to improvise all or part of (a speech, a piece of music, etc.): to ad-lib one's lines.
  • beadledom — petty officialdom
  • bradlaugh — Charles. 1833–91, British radical and freethinker: barred from taking his seat in parliament (1880–86) for refusing to take the parliamentary oath
  • breadless — without bread; without food
  • breadline — Someone who is on the breadline is very poor indeed.

10 letter words containing adl

  • broadlands — a Palladian mansion near Romsey in Hampshire: formerly the home of Lord Palmerston and Lord Mountbatten
  • cradleland — The region where something, especially a race of people, originated.
  • cradlesong — a lullaby
  • cradlewalk — a garden walkway covered by arched trees
  • deadliness — causing or tending to cause death; fatal; lethal: a deadly poison.

11 letter words containing adl

  • cradleboard — a wooden frame worn on the back, used by North American Indian women for carrying an infant.
  • deadlocking — Present participle of deadlock.
  • dreadlessly — in a dreadless manner
  • dreadlocked — Wearing dreadlocks.

12 letter words containing adl

  • cradleboards — Plural form of cradleboard.
  • headlessness — The state of being headless.
  • headlighting — The lighting associated with a headlight.
  • headlongness — Headlong quality or speed; precipitateness.
  • postdeadline — the time by which something must be finished or submitted; the latest time for finishing something: a five o'clock deadline.

13 letter words containing adl

  • dreadlessness — the state or quality of being without fear or dread

15 letter words containing adl

  • cradle-to-grave — extending throughout one's life, from birth to death: a cradle-to-grave system of health care.

16 letter words containing adl

  • babe-in-a-cradle — a tall orchid, Epiblema grandiflorum, of SW Australia with lilac to mauve flowers

17 letter words containing adl

  • headline-grabbing — A headline-grabbing statement or activity is one that is intended to attract a lot of attention, especially from the media.

19 letter words containing adl

  • moses-in-the-cradle — a plant, Rhoeo spathacea, native to the West Indies and Central America, having leaves with purple undersides and white flowers enclosed in a boat-shaped envelope formed by two bracts.

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